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NCIS “Shell Shock Part I” 

In the last new episode of NCIS two weeks ago, there wasn’t much of a case, and instead, the focus was on the characters.  It was a fantastic episode, and in my opinion, some of the best episodes of the series concentrate on character development.  But, there are exceptions, and…

The Vampire Diaries “The Killer” 

The gang’s all here for “The Killer,” which turned out to be much better in practice than it was in theory, because, honestly, y’all, I was afraid the whole shebang was going to be a yawner of a hostage situation. That was one piece of it, but there were also…

Thoughts on ABC’s Nashville 

As I’m writing this there’s a southern accent in my head that probably sounds like nails on a chalkboard to a true southerner. ABC’s Nashville grabbed my attention with their promo commercials showing The Cheerleader from Heroes singing and the mom from American Horror Story walking out from a meeting….

Catching Up with Cinemax’s Hunted [VIDEO] 

Melissa George is, for me, an infinitely interesting actress who took an unjustified beating when Alias fans needed a punching bag after the two-year jump debacle in the third season. As soon as Vaughn said those words at the end of season two, I jumped, too, completely out of the series, so…