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Speculate This: Agent Lee, Fringe “Novation” 

Warning: Spoilers from “Novation” discussed While I have mixed feelings about this latest Fringe, I enjoyed many of the revelations including the fact that in this new timeline, Olivia grew up living with Nina Sharp. There has always been speculation regarding Olivia’s connection with Nina in the Fringe fandom. It’s…

Fringe “One Night in October” 

This was a fascinating episode of Fringe. Since about Season 2 when we discovered there was an alternate universe, the writers have had fun showcasing the characters Over Here as well as their alternate versions Over There. Prior to Peter’s disappearance, we understood Fauxlivia was much warmer and didn’t have…

Fringe “Neither Here Nor There” 

Fringe has returned!!! I’ve been eagerly anticipating the return all summer. Attending the Fringe panel at Comic-Con this year only whetted my appetite for more Fringe. The hilarious reel of different people auditioning for Peter really did have me thinking about how they do plan on bringing Peter back.