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Black Sails Preview: “XXXII” 

Overthrowing a seated government is no easy feat. The task is all the more difficult in a place like New Providence Island where small factions, banded together through shoddy alliances, now have a taste of freedom. Flint, Silver, and Madi are still trying to sort out where it all went…


In Luke Cage, the Villains Steal The Show 

Luke Cage, the third installment of Marvel’s Netflix Defenders series’, is a show that can please fans who are familiar with the characters as well as keep new audiences engaged. Unlike the rest of the Marvel world, Luke Cage strikes an unlikely balance between events within the Marvel Cinematic Universe…


Preacher “He Gone” 

Preacher tossed a lot of balls in the air earlier in the season and with “He Gone,” they’re all coming down at the same time. The consequences of Jesse’s words are coming back to haunt him and the fall out is infuriating — rightfully so. But who among those closest…