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The Night Of “Subtle Beast” 

“He’s a talented oppressor; a subtle beast.” Referring to Detective Box, attorney John Stone imparts this piece of knowledge to Naz early on into the second episode of The Night Of. That’s what most of John and Naz’s interactions are comprised of — John trying to explain the ways of…

The Night Of “The Beach” 

The first episode of The Night Of, titled “The Beach,” clocked in at one hour and eighteen minutes. And it was an achingly long one hour and eighteen minutes. Usually, this is a critical statement; great storytelling is supposed to fly by. But “The Beach” didn’t make anything easy for the…

Game of Thrones “The Winds of Winter” 

This season of Game of Thrones has been about expectation. Expectation our characters have and the ones all of us watching have. And a lot of times, these expectations let us down. Bran finds out his noble father wasn’t so noble; Tyrion finds out dealing with the slavers isn’t so…


Game of Thrones “The Broken Man” 

This week’s Game of Thrones “The Broken Man” reminded us how literally damaged many on the show really are. The Hound, Jaime, and Theon, physically. All of them and then the entire cast of characters when you take in consideration mental and emotional damage. But for all the broken men…


Game of Thrones “Blood of My Blood” 

After last week’s somewhat lackluster showing, it was hard to predict what direction this week’s Game of Thrones was headed. I hesitate to call it filler, but rather, “Blood of My Blood” abandoned emotional beats, like those heavily relied on in “The Door,” to instead serve as a set-up for…


Game of Thrones “The Door” 

There was a lot of commotion surrounding the latest installment to Game of Thrones’ sixth season, “The Door,” prior to the airing of episode. Some rumors claimed this one was going to especially significant. And although there were some big reveals, I’m not sure if “The Door” lived up to expectation.