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MGM+ Announces Fall 2024 Release of From S3 

MGM+ Announces Fall 2024 Release of From S3

Well, hey now! In a new stunt some of the streamers and network programmers are leaning into, MGM+ entered the fray this morning with a surprise “halfway to Halloween” drop of the From Season 3 teaser trailer, which, wait for it…is coming just in time for spooky season. That’s right, FROMily, the town without a name and our favorite kids on the island of misfit toys are still half a year away (give or take) from landing on our screens in the Fall of 2024.

It’s a very big vote of confidence that the little show that could is ready to take on the Fall TV season–and the first fully scheduled one following last year’s tandem WGA/SAG strikes–after the February and April launches of its first two seasons. Bring. It. On.  

From Season 2

If you’ve kept up with the cast on social media, then you know they’ve been teasing an epic third season that’s well worth the wait. So, what do we know? Not a lot, other than that the seasons did change yet again in FROMland as the Nova Scotia winter unleashed on production, so look for snow to follow the leaves turning to fall at the end of Season 2. And there are hints of new faces given the tagging of as-yet-unannounced cast in some of those pictures and IG stories.

From Season 2

The cast and crew are almost wrapped up on production before the scatter home, so keep an eye on their feeds in the coming days as they continue to share out fun little BTS nuggets for the FROMily. Here’s a collection of what we’ve seen so far since they went back to work.

If you have yet to partake of this delightfully wicked show, now’s your chance. All episodes are available on MGM+ online and via the app and on Prime Video. In Canada, you can stream them on Paramount+ via Prime Video subscription channels.

Here’s that hella creepy teaser where things go from bad to “Oh, Hell No” for Big Daddy Boyd at the hands of some new, nefarious folks, and somebody’s body is being carted through town by Boyd and Jade sans a shoe as Victor watches from a nearby porch.

Is it fall yet? We’ll keep you posted as more info is released. In the meantime, you can catch up on all our interviews and coverage of S1 and S2 here.

Photos and video courtesy of MGM+.

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