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Hallmark Channel Announces Three Wise Men and a Baby Sequel 

Hallmark Channel Announces Three Wise Men and a Baby Sequel

Cue the Slim Shady, kids, because they’re baaaaaack! This morning, Hallmark Channel confirmed what was pretty much a foregone conclusion and something eagle-eyed social media followers have had a sneaking suspicion about for a few weeks – the band behind Three Wise Men and a Baby is back at it in British Columbia, working hard (I kid) on a holiday sequel that will premiere later this year during the network’s upcoming 15th Countdown to Christmas programming.

Three Wise Men and A Baby

Three Wiser Men and a Boy, once again directed by Terry Ingram and written by Paul Campbell & Kimberley Sustad (this time joined by The Santa Summit‘s Russell Hainline) reunite to bring us the further adventures of the Brenner brothers. Andrew Walker, Tyler Hynes, and Paul Campbell return as Luke, Taylor, and Stephan alongside Margaret Colin as their mom, Barbara.

The clues started trickling in when Walker, Hynes, and Campbell simultaneously posted emojis, sans commentary or context, on their IG feeds:

And then in another post, Hynes was told by Sustad that he needed to get back to work. 

Hynes has also been treating his followers to the views from his British Columbia digs while filming:

So, what’s it all about? Three Wiser Men and a Boy picks up five years after the OG film, with baby Thomas now in school and Luke officially his dad, while Barbara is back in the dating pool, which surfaces all sorts of drama for her sons. Here’s the formal logline:

The story begins with the Brenner brothers preparing for another memorable Christmas. In a crazy turn of events, possibly brought on accidentally by the brothers themselves, the director of Luke’s son, Thomas’ (now played by Miles Marthaller) school holiday musical steps down. Luke is desperate to make his son’s stage dreams come true, so he enlists the help of his brothers just as they’re meeting their mom’s new boyfriend and unpacking their feelings about her relationship. In true Brenner brother fashion, they are all in for a Christmas they will never forget.

Hallmark Media is thrilled to go back to the well of the juggernaut that was the most watched TV movie on any network in 2022. “Viewers and critics alike fell for the charms of Paul, Tyler and Andrew as the Brenner brothers in Three Wise Men and a Baby,” says Jennifer Kramer, Vice President, Development, Hallmark Media. “The one resounding thing we heard from them was that they wanted more.  We are excited to deliver and then some with a story that is filled with more humor and, most importantly, more heart.”

Three Wise Men and a Baby

Now that the word is out, we’ve no doubt the various social feeds of Walker, Hynes, Campbell, and Sustad are about to unleash some goodies on us. But before that, Hallmark Channel is going all in Friday for its weekly “Fa La La Fridays”  with a celebratory Three Wise Men-themed  triple feature starting at 7 pm/6c featuring Hynes’s first holiday movie, It’s Christmas, Eve; Christmas by Starlight starring Campbell and Sustad in their first written-by credit; and the OG, Three Wise Men and a Baby. Walker will also be over on Hallmark Mystery at 9 pm/8c the same night for the premiere of the new Curious Caterer.

In case you missed it, all our coverage of Three Wise Men and a Baby, including interviews with Walker, Hynes, Campbell, and Sustad, is here.


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