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Previewing An Easter Bloom 

Previewing An Easter Bloom

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

Next up in Hallmark Channel’s Spring Into Love premieres, the network hosts its first DaySpring film (moving over from Hallmark Movies & Mysteries) with Aimée Teegarden and Benjamin Hollingsworth in An Easter Bloom, directed by Anthony Metchie and written by Michael Grimm.

In the film, Teegarden is Amanda, a second-generation flower farmer trying to keep the family business going while struggling against a lingering winter, a mountain of debt, and a crisis of faith after the loss of her dad, Craig (Jesse Moss, seen in flashbacks). Her mom, Grace (Robyn Bradley now, Laura Adkin in flashbacks) holds out hope for an Easter miracle that will turn things around, and the answer to those prayers comes in the unlikely form of a woman and her son who offer her a way forward.

An Easter Bloom

Lori (Frances Flanagan) is a former florist who offers to repay Amanda’s kindness during a moment of need with a hands on tutorial in flower arranging so she can compete in a statewide competition with a winning purse that would buy the farm some time. Hollingsworth is her son, Derrick, the new pastor, who shares a meet cute with Amanda in the cafe where she works for her BFF, Effie (Eva Tavares), to help pay the bills.

An Easter Bloom

Derrick is facing his own challenges, coming back from a personal crisis that led him toward the church but at the cost of burying a part of who he used to be. And Lori’s return reopens old wounds for her, too, when she encounters Constance (P. Lynn Johnson) in town. Once thrown together, the trio learn from and lean on each other as they find balance and a new sense of purpose.

An Easter Bloom

It’s a sweet movie with a faith-based throughline that strikes a balance of its own, lighter in tone than Grimm’s 2022 DaySpring film, A Gift or Peace, but not quite as lighthearted as this past Christmas’s Miracle in Bethlehem, PA. It reminded me of Tulips in Spring, another flower-themed, family-focused spring entry from 2016.

An Easter Bloom

I really liked that both the moms and Constance have their own arcs outside the central romance, which works well as Teegarden and Hollingsworth play two people still healing from earlier trauma and figuring out who they are on the other side of it, and whether they’re ready to bring someone into that version of themselves. Side note, if you’re looking for the songs playing during the competition, they’re here and here.

An Easter Bloom premieres Saturday, March 30th, at 8 pm/7c on Hallmark Channel and streaming on various outlets in the U.S., and on W Network in Canada. Here are a couple of sneak peeks.

Photos courtesy of Allister Foster for Hallmark Media and video courtesy of Hallmark Media.

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