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Previewing Hallmark Channel’s New Year, New Movies for January 2024 

Previewing Hallmark Channel’s New Year, New Movies for January 2024

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

Happy New Year, y’all! Hope you had a fantastic, restorative holiday season. We’re back at it for a brand new year of content, and first up Hallmark Channel is coming out of the gate hot with four new premieres every Saturday this month at 8 pm e/7c and streaming on multiple outlets in the U.S. (and on W Network in Canada). Here’s a look at the lineup.

Love on the Right Course January 6 (8 p.m. ET/PT)

Ashley Newbrough and Marcus Rosner, who were just on Hallmark Channel in November in Flipping for Christmas, start things off with the set and filmed in Budapest Love on the Right Course, co-written by fellow Hallmarkie Brittany Bristow (who cameos) and Dustin Keating and directed by Stefan Scaini. We also get Steve Byers back in the mix, so everybody wins.

Love on the Right Course

Whitney (Newbrough) is a professional golfer who is struggling to make the cut to qualify for her next tournament in Europe. After a bruising tournament loss and a split from her longtime caddy, Andrew (Byers), she heads home to see her widowed dad, Marton (Roy McCrerey), for his birthday and to regroup. Home is a lush golf course and club established by her parents but now left to the day-to-day management of Daniel (Rosner), the resident local golf pro.

Love on the Right Course

His laid-back demeanor helps her reset her game and make a decision about her professional future on the circuit. She also gets some quality time with her dad and an adorable rescue pup that she gives him to foster to help him move forward, too.

A Scottish Love Scheme January 13

Next up, Hallmark takes your TV passport to Scotland for a romance starring Erica Durance and Jordan Young (River City) and written by Gina Azzi and directed by Heather Hawthorn Doyle. The film follows Lily (Durance) and her mother Cait (Jo Cameron Brown) on their annual trip to Cait’s hometown in Scotland.

A Scottish Love Scheme

This year, the agenda involves healing a broken heart, so when Cait reunites with her childhood best friend Mairi (Juliet Cadzow) and they see how well Lily gets along with Mairi’s son, Logan (Young), a matchmaking plan is hatched. Once Cait reveals another reason for the trip, Lily and Logan’s courtship turns into a team up to make the holiday the best one yet for her mom. 

Betty’s Bad Luck in Love January 20

Chesapeake Shores’ Laci J. Mailey gets her own romcom opposite Marco Grazzini in a tale of the titular Betty, a woman trying to shake off a childhood taunt that’s manifested as a lifelong curse on her love life and a dating sabbatical to avoid further tempting fate. Now an adult, she plays it safe, working as an actuary and helping plan her best friend Mya’s (Meghan Heffern) wedding.

Betty's Bad Luck in Love

When an adventurous news photographer (Grazzni) asks her out on a date and Mya pushes her to say yes, she dips a toe back into the dating waters and spends a lot of time trying to keep him safe. When an accident beyond her control throws her back down the rabbit hole of worrying that she is in fact cursed to be alone, she decides to track down the schoolmate who hexed her while also taking a second look at how much of her romantic past was simply just a series of unfortunate accidents. Linda-Lisa Hayter directs a script by Cameron Johann.

Romance with a Twist January 27

Jocelyn Hudon stars as Luna, a former dancer now managing her family’s construction business who gets the bug again when a project comes her way to transform a gymnasium into a studio for aerials. As she takes a secret spin on the silks, she’s discovered by the studio’s owner, Bennet (Astrid and Lily Save the World’s Olivier Renaud), a professional aerialist who has returned home from performing around the world.

Love with a Twist

Initially annoyed at the intrusion, he needs her help when he loses his partner for an upcoming show. Soon her momentary dabbling takes flight as another opportunity to reclaim her career and a new romance. Max McGuire directs a script by Uma Incrocci.

Here are a few sneak peeks of the new movies!

Photos courtesy of Leif Films Inc., Allister Foster, and Mark Mainz for Hallmark Channel; videos courtesy of Hallmark Channel.

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