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Spencer Creaghan Talks SurrealEstate Season 2 Soundtrack Volume 1 

Spencer Creaghan Talks SurrealEstate Season 2 Soundtrack Volume 1

Since SurrealEstate began, I’ve talked about how intricately woven the characters, story, locations, and even the houses are. And the throughline of evocative music is a character unto itself and as integral to the show as every other piece of the puzzle that makes it so magical. 

Canadian composer Spencer Creaghan is responsible for the music and score for the show, and via his social media channels, he gives fans an inside look at how he creates the show’s signature sounds, specific to each character, house, and episode. And even better, he’s been able to release the music from the show – while it’s still running.  

SurrealEstate Spencer Creaghan

In Season 1, he released a twovolume soundtrack, and if you’re not quite ready to close the door on spooky season, volume one of Season 2 dropped today – with 31 tracks from the first five episodes. This afternoon, I had the chance to chat with Creaghan, and over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be rolling out pieces of our wide-ranging conversation, but first, here’s what he had to say about releasing the soundtracks, which was his idea.

“The simple answer is I just asked. I asked in Season 1. I [said], ‘Look, we all love this music. I love this music. The fans seem to love this music. Any chance we can release this?’ And they said, ‘Yeah, absolutely. What’s it gonna cost?’ So I [gave them a number] and they said, ‘Absolutely.’ So that was great. I was really thankful that they were really understanding of that,” he recalls.

“I come from a soundtrack background. I like soundtrack music. I listen to a lot of soundtrack music. A lot of the people that I listen to on a daily basis are film composers and TV composers. Growing up, I listened to The Lord of the Rings soundtracks and The Pirates of the Caribbean soundtracks and all these kinds of things.”

“And I love this idea of listening and revisiting all of your favorite moments through just the music. And then you can picture what’s happening again, or it can inspire something else or it can do whatever. And I always felt that Canadians don’t do that enough. So I wanted to release the soundtrack. Thankfully they said yes.”

There was a method to parsing out the soundtracks in two sections. “We did two volumes because there was just too much music that we wanted to get out and we couldn’t put it all on one volume. So in Season 1 we lucked out that we were able to do two [volumes] – one that captured episodes one to five, and then one that did episodes six to 10,” he explains.


“We’re gonna be doing the same in Season 2. So the first volume that came out this afternoon, that was episodes one to five and we purposely released it now to avoid spoilers. We just didn’t want the music or the titles to accidentally give something away.”

“With volume two, we’re just waiting now until episode 10 and it’s gonna hopefully be released when episode 10 is released [in December]. That’s the plan. The volume one soundtrack is a lot more action orientated. The volume two soundtrack might be a little more emotional. We’ll see what ends up in the cut.”

You can purchase the two volumes of the Season 1 soundtrack and the first volume of the Season 2 soundtrack now on Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon. Check back next week for more of my conversation with Creaghan and a preview of the next new episode.

[Update 12/8/23: Volume 2 of the Season 2 soundtrack is out now.]

SurrealEstate airs Wednesdays at 10 pm/9c on Syfy in the US and CTV Sci-Fi and Crave in Canada. You can catch the first five episodes of Season 2 and Season 1 now streaming on those platforms. ICYMI, our Season 1 and 2 coverage is here.

Photos courtesy of Spencer Creaghan and Syfy/Blue Ice Pictures.

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