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Previewing Curious Caterer: Fatal Vows 

Previewing Curious Caterer: Fatal Vows

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

Nikki DeLoach and Andrew Walker are back at it Friday night for the third Curious Caterer installment, Fatal Vows. Goldy and Tom find themselves teaming up to solve the murder of his ex-wife’s fiance — and her disappearance — on the day of their wedding.

Curious Caterer Fatal Vows

Goldy’s initially involved because she’s catering for bridezilla Jessamyn (Amanda Khan), who demands everything be just so. Her groom, Sterling, (Kareem Malcolm), seems to be at odds with an assortment of people, which comes to a head at their rehearsal dinner when he confronts a few people over the course of the evening.

When Goldy’s partner, Marla (Jaycie Dotin), finds Sterling dead in the foyer of the wedding venue, and the bride is AWOL, a dual-track investigation is immediately launched. That gets upended almost immediately when Tom is pulled off the case and replaced with a cocky detective Trach (Brock Morgan) with whom he has a fractious history — and who alarmingly hits it off with Marla.

Curious Caterer Fatal Vows

The upside is that now that Tom is benched from formally investigating, he’s free to work alongside Goldy as she does her thing against a ticking clock. The recurring cast — Maesa Nicholson and Lochyln Munro as Goldy’s daughter, Olive, and ex-husband, Richard, and Riley Davis as training detective Mason, all return and are joined by Sunita Prasad as Katy, an old classmate of Goldy and Marla and Jessamyn’s maid of honor, Laara Sadiq as Jessamyn’s mom, Anna, Max Lloyd-Jones and Jessamyn’s stepbrother Hunter, and Garry Chalk as he stepfather, Lawrence.

Curious Caterer Fatal Vows

Paul Ziller directed from a script by Julie Kim and Kariné Marwood based on the book The Last Suppers by Diane Mott Davidson.

Curious Caterer: Fatal Vows premieres Friday at 9 pm/8 c on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries and streaming in the US and W Network in Canada. Here are a couple of sneak peeks.

Photos courtesy of Craig Minielly/Hallmark Media; video courtesy of Hallmark Media.

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