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Producing Director Danishka Esterhazy Talks SurrealEstate Season 2 

Producing Director Danishka Esterhazy Talks SurrealEstate Season 2

It’s been just over two years since we’ve had the lovely SurrealEstate family on our screens, and as I mentioned in my preview piece, it’s remarkable, and fairly unprecedented, for a series to be cancelled, uncancelled, and then retain almost its entire creative team and cast. Last night, I sat down for a Zoom chat with Danishka Esterhazy, the producing director for the series in Season 1 and Season 2, to chat about getting the band back together.

“We never really said goodbye, or we, we refused to say goodbye. We all love the show so much. We all love our showrunner and our creator, George Olson, so much. It’s such a family, this SurrealEstate team. We were so proud of Season 1, so we were quite devastated when we didn’t get picked up for Season 2. But we have this amazing production company Blue Ice Pictures, and they said, ‘We’re not gonna walk away. We’ll find a way to come back,” she recalls.

“So we all remained committed and there were lots of talks and they went out and talked to different people and the fans, through this whole process, were still out there on the Internet demanding more SurrealEstate, which was really great for keeping our visibility alive.”


“There was all these backroom negotiations. And Blue Ice actually found a secondary partner in Hulu, and they came on to support us, as well. When we were looking for a way to go forward, the producers went back to Syfy and said, ‘The fans are still out there championing our show. We are still fully committed. We have a new production partner, let’s give it another go.'”

“And they said ‘You’re right. The fans want you back. Let’s give it another go. We’re behind you.’ So we were renewed, and renewed with gusto. That was really thrilling for all of us.”

While the team was waiting for a formal reversal, they stayed in touch and bounced around ideas for a second season until it finally manifested. “This whole time, we were all in communication. We thought, ‘There’s gotta be a way back. There are more stories to tell here. There are more stories at The Roman Agency that we wanna tell,'” Esterhazy shares.

“We’re real optimists. And George was brainstorming. He’s the mastermind and he never stopped thinking about Season 2. He had all kinds of ideas at the end of Season 1, and he kept working on them until he was able to get the green light and bring his writers room together and actually work out these ideas that he’d been brainstorming on.”

“There was a lot of thought process put into it, a lot of feedback from the cast, who all came back. They loved their characters. They were talking to George the whole time during what we will call our hiatus. And they were giving him ideas and talking about what they wanted their characters to do in Season 2 and beyond.”


“And George took those ideas into consideration and we ended up with, I think, a really strong season. I’m so proud of this season, and I feel like the ghosts are better, the hauntings are better, the synergy between the characters is better. We just took everything that we loved about Season 1 and we just amped it up.”

Now that they’re back, Esterhazy says they’re determined to grow the audience so they can do it all over again. “Syfy has been incredible, really, really pushing behind us doing a lot of promotion, giving us a great slot opening after the Chucky premiere,” she explains. “So we’re really hoping that we’ll draw a bigger audience this year, that more eyes will come, and that more people will find our show. And that’s what we’re really working on now.”

SurrealEstate premieres tonight at 10 pm/9c on Syfy in the US and CTV Sci-Fi and Crave in Canada. ICYMI, our preview for the premiere and all our Season 1 coverage is here.

Photos courtesy of Duncan de Young/Blue Ice Pictures/Syfy.

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