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Nathan D. Simmons Talks From and a Preview of “Lullaby” 

Nathan D. Simmons Talks From and a Preview of “Lullaby”

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

My quote about From, that, to my absolute delight, has appeared in the commercials and ads is that the series is “psychologically resonant.” Well, let me tell you, I was a weepy mess for parts of this week’s episode, aptly titled “Lullaby.” And it was emotional not for a new death, but for the complexities of people trying to survive trauma that was inflicted upon or delivered by them.

From Season 2

Sara’s return continues to ricochet across the town, particularly for Kenny, Tian-Chen, and Kristi. But it’s not all daggers in her direction as she spends time with kindred spirit Elgin, who perhaps understands her more than anyone else because he shares her gifts.

Still reeling from his rift with Ethan, Victor rethinks his rejection of Jade and agrees to help if Jade will play the violin for him. The why and how of those scenes is just seriously some of the best TV you’ll see this year. Scott McCord and David Alpay go very, very small and deliver the loveliest, quiet moments.

From Season 2

Elsewhere in the episode, Boyd revisits Donna, once again seeking counsel; Tilly shares a confidence with Kristi and Marielle; Jim unloads his theory on Jim; Tabitha is beset upon by her creepy Jenga demon children; and Randall finds the silver lining in his new living arrangements. Jack Bender directs a script by John Griffin and Vivian Lee.

This weekend’s episode marks the most time we’ve spent so far with Elgin, and I recently spoke with Nathan D. Simmons about joining the show for Season 2, and getting to film in his home Canadian province of Nova Scotia.

From Season 2

Simmons grew up not far from Halifax, where From shoots, and which was also home to one of our longtime faves, Haven. “It’s really nice. It’s really comfortable. I come from theater and I’ve done most of my work across the country and that’s always a fun experience. But I’ve never actually gotten to work on something Scotian,” he shares.

“That means a lot because nobody knows really where this place that I’m from is and the history of my people here. That stuff is here shooting and I get to be a part of it, especially, is fantastic.”

From Season 2

Simmons loved the show even before he was cast, and says he was thrilled to come on board and be welcomed him with open arms. “I was a fan of the show before it even came out. I’m a big horror fanatic. I love horror. So the minute that From came out I had to check it out,” he explains.

“It was amazing. And to work with Harold Perrineau, that was insane. Still is insane. I still can’t believe it. I knew from the first season where the stakes were gonna be and I’m happy and excited to attempt to do the show justice and I think I came pretty close to it [this season].”

“[When I came in], people had already met each other and they’re all excited to see their friends again and all that. So, at first, we just had to focus, try to get the work done. But, I got there and immediately Hannah [Cheramy] was like, ‘Hey, what’s up?’ And Pegah [Ghafoori] was [there] the first day getting a COVID test, and said, ‘We’re gonna be besties.’ Things like that. And they’re perfect.”

From Season 2

“And then there’s Corteon [Moore] and Ricky [He] and then Scott [McCord] and Catalina [Sandino Moreno] immediately after that, and of course Harold is the most warm person ever. Hilarious, too. It feels like, though we say FROMily, it really does feel like that.”

“Even to the point of the crew people. I worked with all the crew before this. I was working locations on the same crew, so, I know them, too. And it feels like you’re making an indie with all your friends and there’s so much passion going into it. Even up to the writers like John [Griffin]. I love John. Hopefully [we’ll see a] season three also.”

Working through the scenes with Avery Konrad for “Lullaby” was special for Simmons, too, finding that connection between their characters. “It feels ethereal because these two people who have had metaphysical touches, or for Elgin, dreams, are meeting together and breaking bread,” he says.

From Season 2

“And it’s also the first time that Elgin actually felt truly comfortable around somebody. Everyone else up until that point that he’s coming in contact with, whether that be Fatima or Julie, there’s always been a bit of, ‘I don’t really trust you right away.’ There’s a bit of hesitancy there.”

“But with Sara, in that place, whether that be because of Elgin’s connection with religion or whatnot, that helped him be a bit more comfortable. And then even after he [learns her truth] and feels uncomfortable about it, he still tries to help Sara when she needs it later.”

While the first time we see Elgin is on the bus, Simmons spent the first day shooting the peach truck scene in episode 2, and says that one still means a lot to him. He also got to be a part of the contingent that represented the show at its premiere at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

“I spent too much time with AJ [Simmons] and Corteon and Ricky and it was beautiful. It was amazing. It fit perfectly. What better place to watch the first episode of From than in a place where so many people have died. It was wonderful,” he says.

Of course, joining the FROMily means loving the live Tweet every Sunday and he does. “I love to see people interacting and their real feelings towards it and their theories about what’s going on,” Simmons shares. “[Fans should] approach this season with an open mind. Take part in the journey because it’s an amazing journey. It’s surreal, because I’m a fan of the show who also gets to help tell the story a little bit.”

From Season 2

New episodes of From start streaming at 3:01 am ET Sundays on MGM+ online and via the app and on Prime Video. New episodes air linearly on MGM+ Sundays at 9 pm/8c. All ten episodes of Season 1 are streaming online on MGM+ for free here. In Canada, you can stream Season 1 and the latest episodes on Paramount+ via Prime Video subscription channels.

If you missed any of our conversations for Season 1 and my new chats with Harold Perrineau, Elizabeth Saunders, and Scott McCord, they’re all here. Here’s a sneak peek of “Lullaby.”

Photos and video courtesy of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

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