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Scott McCord Talks From Season 2 + A Preview of “Tether” 

Scott McCord Talks From Season 2 + A Preview of “Tether”

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

I can’t recall if I said it here or on Twitter, but somewhere or other, I’ve said out loud that From‘s Victor must be protected at all costs. He’s the keeper of the town’s history and the survivor of unspeakable things, and judging by how he treats Ethan, he’s an innately good person–a child who never got to grow up emotionally despite being the man we now see today.


I spoke with McCord during the From press day about playing a character who’s survived extreme emotional trauma but still finds ways to surmount that and make connections while perhaps more aware than anyone else in town just how fleeting those connections might be.

“Those are all questions that I was asking myself approaching these episodes, because [as we’ve seen with Ethan], Victor is protecting him with some of that distance and attitude and everything. He has to. I think he feels that with everybody,” McCord says.


“There’s so much about this new season, even in those first few episodes, even with Tabitha, it starts in episode one with a shift. A shift in the sense that suddenly he needs her. But I think on another level. [As the season progresses], we find out more about why. [That] gets cracked open.”

McCord was thrilled to be back on set last summer, and to see where the series would take Victor in Season 2. “I was there on the first day of shooting with Catalina [Sandino Moreno] and we came in…I’ll never forget the vibe that day, the enthusiasm, everything was just so exciting to walk into. Jack [Bender] was there and we’re fired up and it’s the first day and here we go. And it felt like we got shot out of a Disney cannon,” he laughs.


“We’re here, we’re doing it. But then there was still all this uncharted territory that all of a sudden we were having to tread and step up the game. And I’m suddenly not just with Ethan now, I’m with Tabitha.”

“There were all these new relationships and things that were all being developed. It was everything. I just did the best not to question it too much [or] freak myself out. You got your work to do. Go do all that and then just show up and be ready when Jack goes, ‘Go.'”


This season, we’ll watch a new relationship unfold as, starting with episode 3 airing Sunday, Victor is paired with Jade for an arc. “The real challenging relationship for me this season was Jade. David [Alpay] and I worked together so much, and we talked a lot about it, and kept [things] up in the air during the whole time we were shooting [the more emotional scenes]. And we realized that, in a certain way, Jade and Victor are connected on some other level,” McCord shares.


“They’re both operating on some sort of a frequency where it doesn’t quite meet, but they’re really close to each other. And I feel like the trust with him gives Victor a greater purpose. He’s making Victor deal with something within himself that nobody else has yet.”

In Sunday’s new episode, “Tether,” Boyd makes his way back to town with more questions than answers. Kenny and Ellis (real-life besties Ricky He and Corteon Moore} get some screen time again but in another highly charged, horrific situation where every moment counts. Then add Kristi, with her own complicated Kenny vibe, and stir.


Boyd reconnects with Donna and is on the same page with her about the new arrivals who don’t want to fall in line, but she can’t tell him what he wants to hear when he seeks advice about what he’s just been through. Fatima tries to help transition Elgin into Colony House as he seeks his place.

Jade’s spiral, which unwittingly pulled Ethan into a betrayal of Victor, has repercussions when Victor confronts him. And Tabitha isn’t quite back on solid emotional ground even as she returns home to her family. Alexandra La Roche directs a script by John Griffin based on a story by him and Jeff Pinkner.


New episodes of From start streaming at 3:01 am ET Sundays on MGM+ online and via the app and on Prime Video. New episodes air linearly on MGM+ Sundays at 9 pm/8c. All ten episodes of Season 1 are streaming online on MGM+ for free here. In Canada, you can stream it on Paramount+ via Prime Video subscription channels. If you missed any of our conversations for Season 1 and my new chats with Harold Perrineau and Elizabeth Saunders, they’re all here.

Here’s a sneak peek of the episode.

Photos and videos courtesy of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

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