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Harold Perrineau Teases From Season 2 

Harold Perrineau Teases From Season 2

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

Five sleeps til S2, #FROMily, so time for a quick hitter with Big Daddy Boyd himself. I chatted with Harold Perrineau last week for the From press day, and we talked about Boyd’s new battles as the season begins with his character right where he left him–inside that tree/bricked wall.

First up, Perrineau was thrilled with the renewal, which came across the wire after our last conversation and right before the first season’s finale. With the world-building of that season out of the way, he loved jumping right back into the action. “I didn’t want to just slowly make my way back in. I really enjoyed this process and didn’t expect it. I knew where we ended. I knew about the tree and I knew about the bus and I knew about Jim and the boys, all that stuff,” he says.

From Season 2

“So, I knew we had to start heightened somewhat, because we were already in really difficult situations, to say the least. But I did not expect that it was just going to keep ratcheting up every episode afterwards. I was [ready], like, ‘If we’re going to do it, let’s go.’ I’d much rather do that. I think that’s the thing that’s going to be really exciting when people start to see it.”

As the season progresses, Boyd’s putting out fires for himself and the townspeople, and it’s A LOT, which leads him to ask some big questions. Perrineau says that informed his performance. “[Boyd is wondering], ‘Is this happening? Is this what’s going on?’ He is constantly asking, ‘How do we get out of here? How do I get out of here?’ And then he has to figure out, if they get out of here, is it just him [having this experience]?” he shares.

“He desperately has to get out of there and he absolutely has no idea how to get out of here. That’s what I leaned into, the desperate trying to do it, the desperate trying to figure it out and having no clues of any of any semblance of normalcy. That’s where I think the tension is. That’s the tension that everybody can feel. And I just kind of leaned into that.”


“And so for me, it made it really, not only stressful to film, but it made it feel as authentic as it could be. I really love that all the questions that [viewers] have, he has. And [when we hear that from you], then we [know that we] achieved what we were trying to do. There are so many questions.”

We’re so ready! The second season of From premieres at 9 pm/8c, Sunday, April 23rd, on MGM+ (formerly EPIX). If you never picked it up last year, now’s your chance, and you can do it for free, catching all ten episodes online here! And here‘s a fun Spotify playlist of the show’s signature music, which is a character unto itself. If you missed any of our conversations from Season 1, they’re all here. Stay tuned for more with Perrineau, and the cast and creative team, this season.

Here’s one-minute recap of S1, a who’s who of the townspeople, and a tongue-in-cheek guide to making it through the night if you have kids.

Photos and videos courtesy of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.

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