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Micah Kelpin Talks The Blessing Bracelet 

Micah Kelpin Talks The Blessing Bracelet

This Easter Sunday, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries teams up with Dayspring for The Blessing Bracelet, starring one of our favorites, Amanda Schull. In the film, Schull plays Dawn Spencer, a fictional character inspired by Dawn Sprong and the story of her Made as Intended line of blessing bracelets and jewelry.

Here’s the full logline of what to expect.

Dawn Spencer (Schull) approaches the Easter holiday trying to balance being a single
parent while working to get out of the debt left behind by her ex-husband. Feeling overwhelmed,
Dawn unearths a bracelet she made years earlier and stored away. She created it using four
beads with the intention of using each one as a reminder to count the blessings in her life. As
Dawn begins to focus on the good, her faith is renewed, and her life takes a positive turn. Thanks
to the support of Dawn’s church community and the encouragement by Ben (Carlo Marks), who recently came into her life, the blessing bracelet helps take her down a path she never could have

Micah Kelpin

Michael Robison directs a teleplay by Patrick Ziegler & Teresa Thome and Michael Grimm, inspired by Made as Intended jewelry.

Canadian actress and producer Micah Kelpin plays Dawn’s best friend, Bella, and we recently caught up with her for an e-mail Q&A about the project. Kelpin had coincidentally just learned about Sprong when the project came her way. She says it’s a terrific fit for Easter programming and a story that families can watch together.

“Families can expect to enjoy an uplifting story about a young mom who rediscovers a blessing bracelet that helps restore her faith and renew her belief in love. I discovered Dawn Sprong and her Blessing Bracelet business while I was preparing for the audition process and wondered if there was a connection to the project,” she explains. “Once I was cast as Bella, I learned that the film was in fact inspired by Dawn’s story.”

The Blessing Bracelet

“I enjoyed being a part of the retelling of it [and] felt honored to have the opportunity to help bring the blessing bracelets to a wider audience through the film. [My character] Bella is one of Dawn’s closest friends and supporters through the film. She is always smiling and full of enthusiasm when it comes to helping Dawn get through a tough time. Bella is totally there for gal pal dinners and helping Dawn build her new business.”

Kelpin and her partner, Alicia Love Read, are also working on their own projects through their production company, Perfect 7 Pictures. “[It’s] an emerging production company based in Vancouver, BC. I want to tell stories that inspire people to be and do better. It matters a lot to me that content I bring into the world is based in good intention and sends positive messages,” she shares.

“We have a variety of projects in different stages of development and we’re currently in pre-production on a six-episode web series about the foodie scene in Vancouver. Bites & Sips is scheduled to go to camera next month.”

The Blessing Bracelet

Moving into producing was a natural progression for Kelpin. “I worked as an assistant to producers all through my twenties and always thought I would eventually produce. But, it wasn’t until Alicia brought me some of the treatments she’d been working on that I knew it was time,” she says. “When I read her work, it jumped off the page and I thought, ‘If I don’t produce this, someone else will!’” 

Next up, we can catch Kelpin in the upcoming film, Lola Dust. “It’s a powerful story that deals with deep fake technology. My character, Margaret, is a journalist who comes to the aid of her young colleague whose life has been disrupted by a menacing force,” she explains. “I’m really excited about it.”

The Blessing Bracelet premieres Easter Sunday, April 9th, at 7 pm/6c on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries and Peacock. Here’s a sneak peek.

Photos courtesy of Hallmark Media and Farrah Aviva; video courtesy of Hallmark Media.

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