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Previewing Sweeter Than Chocolate 

Previewing Sweeter Than Chocolate

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

Hallmark Channel begins its Loveuary programming Saturday night by taking a page from itself with the fourth film adapted from a Hallmark Publishing title. Based on Lizzie Shane’s Sweeter Than Chocolate and bearing the same name, the film is a play on words, following the story of chocolatier Lucy Sweet, (Eloise Mumford), and her mom, Helen (Brenda Strong).

Sweeter Than Love

Lucy’s happily a second-generation confectioner who loves being in the kitchen while her mom manages the store, but when a rent increase threatens their livelihood, her friend, Serena (Christin Park), decides to give Lucy’s secret weapon a not-so-secret social media nudge.

As it happens, Lucy’s signature Cupid chocolates have the habit of sparking true love, including for Serena. When Serena’s post about it goes viral, business takes off, and attracts the attention of local news producer Nora (Linda Ko), who dispatches reporter Dean Chase (Dan Jeannotte) to do an investigative piece.

Sweeter Than Love

Against her better judgment, Lucy pairs up with him to interview some of the couples who swear they have fallen in love because of Lucy’s confections. As the two bear witness to the tales of true love, they get to know each other and share their own stories of broken hearts with Dan inclined to disbelieve Love and Lucy still holding out hope.

Things got complicated when Nora decides the story deserves a Valentine’s Day live feed/taste test, just as one of the previous success stories starts to falter. That rattles Lucy’s optimistic POV until Dan starts to see that she might have been on to something the whole time.

Sweeter Than Love

David Weaver directs Kim Beyer-Johnson and Tracy Andreen’s adaptation of Lizzie Shane’s book. Sweeter Than Chocolate premieres Saturday at 8 pm/7c on Hallmark Channel and Peacock in the US and W Network in Canada. Here are a few sneak peeks.

Photos and video courtesy of Hallmark Media.

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