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Previewing Don’t Forget I Love You 

Previewing Don’t Forget I Love You

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

Hallmark Channel premieres a new take on the scavenger list romcom Saturday night with Emilie Ullerup and Clayton James in Don’t Forget I Love You. In the film, Ullerup is Taylor, a successful interior designer and master planner who’s built a life without whimsy, and as her 30th birthday arrives, she’s happy to spend it with her widowed dad, Richard (Robert Wisden).

Don't Forget I Love You

Richard has other plans, presenting her with a time capsule from her late mother that includes a list of challenges designed to pry her loose from her set ways, and maybe find someone she can build a life with. The first task, “Meet someone new,” coincides with the arrival of single dad, Josh (James) and his young daughter, Chloe (Daphne Hoskins).

Don't Forget I Love You

With each subsequent task, she spends more time with Josh, pushing herself out of her comfort zone while he faces his own parenting fears. She soon realizes that maybe her life of perfect order isn’t so perfect for her anymore. Christie Will directs a script by Barbara Kymlicka.

Don't Forget I Love You

It’s a sweet outing for Ullerup and a nice way for Chesapeake Shores fans to wait out news on another season. If you’re looking for something else with her, she also has a much darker role in Netflix’s Brazen, which premiered last weekend. And she’s not the only one doing double duty this month–you can catch James next weekend on UP TV in Love & Where to Find It.

Don’t Forget I Love You premieres Saturday at 8 pm/7c on Hallmark Channel in the US and W Network in Canada. Here’s a sneak peek.

Photos and Video Courtesy of Crown Media.

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