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Thom Allison and Gavin Fox Talk Killjoys Season 5 

Thom Allison and Gavin Fox Talk Killjoys Season 5

One of the many joys of the Killjoys Season 5 premiere was that Pree and his Gare bear were still in each other’s orbit. Last summer, I got to sit down and chat with Thom Allison and Gavin Fox about the new season during the press day.

Killkoys Season 5 Thom Allison and Gavin Fox

“[As you see], we start off surprisingly connected. We are still involved. You can’t keep them apart,” marvels Allison. “It seems kind of amazing. It wasn’t the plan of the Lady, but we found each other, which is kind of great.” Fox adds, “With the memory wipe, everyone is down to their base instincts. We still have that true love connection.”

“It’s surprising…what we see between them [in Season 5] is actually sweeter than the way we know it,” shares. Allison. “Against all odds, they’ve found each other and the love is pure because it’s briefer, what they get to share.”

Allison played a big part in creating Pree’s Season 5 look, which he describes as, “Imagine Pree as a refined warlord with more purpose and hair, which is really fun.” “I was shocked and delighted, we all were, when I did the look of him,” he says.

Killkoys Season 5 Thom Allison and Gavin Fox

“The network messaged [us] and the director [Peter Stebbings] said, ‘They have lost their minds for [the new look.]’ We had a whole take on him. You see a whole lot of ass-kicking with great style, but swinging a bigger dick than even I thought Pree had,” Allison laughs.

The actors still love how their behind-the-scenes origin story happened. “It was a big surprise to me. I can’t thank enough [the creative team],” shares Fox. “[I came in] for a one-off as a bad guy and then they saw the connection between us. It became something different than anything I’d imaged. It’s been amazing and a Godsend.”

“Seeing it evolve through us, it’s hard not to get along. It’s been remarkably easy, just showing up and falling in love with him all the time. I didn’t know until I read the script for season three [how it would play out]. It’s been so much fun.”

Killkoys Season 5 Thom Allison and Gavin Fox

Allison still recalls that first scene. “I remembered in the scene where I stabbed him in the hand, as you do…[he was] this big hulking angry guy. Pree probably thought he was kind of hot. I remember I was intensely [focused] on [him and he told me] my eyes were so intense he couldn’t remember his lines,” he says.

“Whatever that turned into, Michelle [Lovretta] later] said, ‘I just saw the rushes. You guys have chemistry. And I said, ‘Stabby guy?’ And when we got to season 3, she said, ‘I have an idea.'”

Allison and Fox share a fun, easy vibe behind the scenes and that’s been integral to playing their characters’ bond. “We’e both been game for whatever it’s going to be. And Gavin’s been a fantastic playmate. I couldn’t ask for someone more easy, generous, relaxed,” Allison points out.

“There’s a scene in Season 5 where they’re setting the shot around us and we literally had to be on top of each other. We realized it could have been awkward, but [with us] it wasn’t. Neither of us has made it strange. [Most days, we’re just glad] we’re not dead [in an episode].” “Any day above ground is a good day, in life and on the show,” laughs Fox.

The pair also deeply appreciate the humor and heart of their characters. “[Every time you get a script], it’s like opening up a Christmas present. You’ll suddenly read a line or idea and if it makes me laugh, I know the audience will love it, and you can’t wait to say it,” Allison explains.

“There have been a couple of lines over the years that I loved that were given to Johnny, and it was like, ‘Nooooo you bastards!’ Or they one up themselves and the [replacement line is even better.”

“It’s great that with science fiction you’re able to do stuff that’s not based in reality. It is like how it should be,” Fox shares about playing Pree and Gared’s relationship without any judgments. “We love each other and we enjoy each other’s company and that’s all that matters.”

“There’s no label on it. There’s great joy out of that and having fun, and it’s great to see that and be in a world where the situation doesn’t matter. The love is what matters.”

“Which is Michelle. She gets to write a world that she wants to have happen…her dream world, which is where none of that matters anymore,” Allison points out. “We’re over that already. We’ve moved on to where we should we move on to. Don’t fight each other for stupid reasons. Find real reasons to have a war.”

Killjoys airs Fridays at 10 pm/9c on Space Channel and Syfy. Come join the live Tweet! All of our Killjoys coverage is here. You can catch all four seasons and the Season 5 premiere on demand on the Space Go app and Syfy app and website.

Photos courtesy of Heather M, Space Channel, and Syfy.

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