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T-Pain Introduces Us to Up-and-Coming Millennial Entrepreneurs in T-Pain’s School of Business 

T-Pain Introduces Us to Up-and-Coming Millennial Entrepreneurs in T-Pain’s School of Business

We’ll admit it. The only reason we know who T-Pain is, is because we’ve heard of a little thing called Auto-Tune. Yes, we know he’s won a few Grammys. Yes, we know he’s been number 1 on Billboard. Yes, we know he’s an internationally known singer/songwriter, rapper and producer. And after watching the premiere of T-Pain’s School of Business, we realize the error of our ways. We are now on the T-Pain train.

He is such an engaging and charismatic host and we like how T-Pain interacts with all the entrepreneurs. Not only does T-Pain come into each situation with a totally open mind, but you can feel his genuine enthusiasm and curiosity for each new product and the people who are developing them. T-Pain’s not afraid to get in there and do some work as he’s learning about each new product. Bottom line: You should enroll in T-Pain’s School of Business NOW.


Beloved hip-hop artist, comedic personality and business mogul T-Pain is taking his musical talent and entrepreneurial passion to television with his all-new series. Follow T-Pain as he explores some of the most innovative and unique startups created by millennial entrepreneurs who are defining the future. As he gets a feel for each quirky and groundbreaking company (including everything from weed-friendly startups, autonomous delivery robots and digital instruments, etc.), each entrepreneur reveals how they got started and what it took to turn their ideas into reality. Viewers can tune in to watch T-Pain learn the ins and outs of each business while at the same time trying out new products and asking all of the startup questions we want answers to. Class is in session!

T-Pain’s School of Business premieres Tuesday, October 16th at 11/10c on Fuse.

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