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Preview: 5 TV Fandoms that Need to Know about AlienCon 2018 

Preview: 5 TV Fandoms that Need to Know about AlienCon 2018

This weekend, there may be some mysterious, unexplainable sightings in Pasadena, Calif. And it’s all because of an event called AlienCon. TV Goodness fills you in…

Convention Synopsis:

Taking place June 15–17, 2018, AlienCon will feature thought-provoking original programming, celebrity appearances, exhibits, exclusive merchandise, fan competitions, and much more.

Take part in celebrity autograph and photo sessions with some of the biggest names in alien exploration and pop culture.

Visit the AlienCon Marketplace, showcasing specialty merchandise from Ancient Aliens®, AlienCon, and unique vendors from across the universe!

Five TV Fandoms that need to know about this sci-fi themed convention:

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  • The X-Files. On Sunday, there’s a panel celebrating 25 years of the show. The conversation will feature David Duchovny a.k.a. Fox Mulder. Mitch Pileggi a.k.a. FBI Director Walter Skinner will also be part of the panel. Plus the two will take part in photograph and autograph sessions. As for Pileggi, he’ll be around both Saturday and Sunday.
  • Stranger Things. Sean Astin drops in for some quality fan face time courtesy of a few photograph and autograph sessions. And he’s set to talk about his acting career including his role in the second season of the hit Netflix series. The panel is called Stranger Things Have Happened: Making a Career in Entertainment and takes place on Friday. Also on Friday, fans gather for a panel designed to speculate about the show’s upcoming third season.

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  • Battlestar Galactica. The president herself will be in attendance. Yes, Mary McDonnell a.k.a. BSG‘s President Laura Roslin is taking part in a live podcast as well as the requisite photograph and autograph sessions. It’s called the Live Bam Podcast with Mary McDonnell — she’ll do one of these on Saturday and another one Sunday.
Photo Credit: Mason Poole/HISTORY

HISTORY teams up with Mischief Management to bring the second annual AlienCon to earthlings at the Pasadena Convention Center. The channel known for airing shows like Vikings, Six and Counting Cars is also featuring its own unscripted series, Ancient Aliens, which is currently in its 13th season. The show and its contributors will take front and center in various panels, photograph and autograph sessions all weekend long.

Plus there’s an exclusive panel promoting HISTORY’s upcoming drama series that investigates top secret UFO sightings, Project Blue Book. While he won’t be part of the AlienCon-versation, this show is notable for starring The Vampire Diaries alum Michael Malarkey.

AlienCon 2018 runs from June 15 – 17. Go here for tickets.

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