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The Alienist Preview: “Many Sainted Men” 

The Alienist Preview: “Many Sainted Men”
Photo Credit: Kata Vermes/TNT
Photo Credit: Kata Vermes/TNT

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

If Moore hasn’t laid out Kreizler before the end of the first season of The Alienist, I’ll be shocked. In “Many Sainted Men,” the slap he gave Sara last week reverberates around the team.

Photo Credit: Kata Vermes/TNT

They’re also still recovering from nearly losing Cyrus and actually losing another boy. And Moore can’t quite capture Stevie’s description on the page, which is exasperating for all of them.

The autopsy reveals more clues that hadn’t previously occurred to them, thanks to an offhand observation from Roosevelt. That sends Kreizler and Moore scurrying for historical perspective as Sara rounds back on those letters she wrote to the asylums.

Photo Credit: Kata Vermes/TNT

Kreizler and Moore also find themselves summoned to see JP Morgan, who is surprisingly acquiescent to their process in trying to bring down the killer. That doesn’t go over as well with Connor and Byrnes, who are still scrambling around the fallout from Connor’s murderous impulses.

Kreizler gets schooled by Cyrus’s niece, which leads him to also try to do better by Mary. Unfortunately, Kreizler’s good will doesn’t extend to Moore, at whom he lashes out, casting aspersions on the latter’s friendship with Sara. Then it’s our turn to be exasperated.

Photo Credit: Kata Vermes/TNT

It’s a good episode, from a procedural progression standpoint, if not quite the nerve-wracking outing from last week, which is OK. I think we’ll probably see more of those in the three episodes that follow this one.

The Alienist airs Mondays at 10 pm/9c. If you’ve missed one, they’re all online, and ratings news out from TNT last week indicates the series is doing really well, growing 40% over the course of the season, which makes me wonder if they’d try to do another round, even though it was billed as a limited event. I’m down for that. Here are a couple of sneak peeks and a recap of the season so far.

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  1. Lee

    I’m intrigued by your preview and can’t wait for the episode! I was a little confused as to Laszlo’s lashing out at John puts a wedge into his friendship with Sara or John’s friendship with Sara? And after all he endures from Laszlo, John is probably entitled to belt him at least once.

    1. Heather M

      Hi Lee! Thanks for reading and the Q. I’ve cleaned that sentence up. Kreizler muddies John’s friendship with Sara.

      1. Lee

        Well Kreizler deserves a punch from John for that too then!

        I know you can’t give big spoilers but can you say if either of these two scenes that we’ve seen in trailers are in this week’s episode?
        1) Sara hugs John on the street
        2) the two lean in for a kiss

        1. Heather M

          Hi Lee! There is a hug. I’ve not seen the promo you’re referring to, but there’s no near-kiss in the cut of this episode that I screened.

          1. Lee

            Thanks for letting me know! The promo with the scene that looks like they might kiss is one that seems to have scenes from many episodes. I’m dying with all this waiting! I’m curious to how Kreizler muddies things up. Okay, I’m more than curious. The suspense is killing me 🙂

          2. Heather M

            Hah! Enjoy!!

          3. Lee

            After watching, I see you were right. John does deserve to give Laszlo at least one punch in the face. He’s not much of friend to him. Runs him down quite a bit. If he can learn to be better to his servants, he should learn to be kinder to his friends!

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