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The Surprising Answers to “What Would Lucifer Do?” 

The Surprising Answers to “What Would Lucifer Do?”
Photo Credit: FOX

Be careful what you wish for. Even if you’re the Devil himself, it seems. And especially if you’re asking it of him.

With a determined return to form, this episode opens on a scrumptious bit of carnal recreation on the part of Lucifer although he’s not extremely enthused by his partner (Kelly Dowdle, American Crime Story), Lexy’s desire to make whoopie in the ball pit of a Chuck E. Cheese.

Photo Credit: FOX

Interrupted by Lexy’s significantly older husband’s unexpected return, Lucy is even more let down when he offers the cuckolded judge (John Posey, Teen Wolf) his chance for retribution only to be hit by the man’s very sincere wish for a nap. Exhausted by his young wife’s lifestyle, he yearns for his first wife’s intellectual titillation.

Striking a rather unusual deal, Lucifer leaves the judge to reconnect with his ex while Lexy gets a Lucifer-shaped consolation prize… huh, all the luck, I guess.

Photo Credit: FOX

Meanwhile, Decker isn’t really getting anything she wishes for when the new lieutenant summarily denies her request to take on the union position. This throws her detecting skills of a bit apparently as she then attends a homicide with Ella and asks if the body with a giant gash in the abdomen dragged out of a deep red trough of water was a drowning victim.

And finally in terms of wishes, Amenadiel approaches Lucifer about surmounting the divine test that he believes his baby brother to be. Lucifer is awfully amused by this role and plays along, tasking Amenadiel with “walk[ing] a mile in [his] Italian loafers”. How funny (and apropos) is it that his only social media platforms are Instagram, Snapchat, and Grindr?

Photo Credit: FOX

Amenadiel’s foray into the world of hedonism and clubbing is painfully awkward but oh-so-funny too. As he tries to reel in his conquests, he’s met with giggles, rebuffs, and a drink to the face. Which opens the door for an eagle-eyed call girl encounter and the inevitable visit from her “cousin”/pimp.

Photo Credit: FOX

On the case, with Pierce breathing down her neck, Decker and Lucifer move to find the juvenile offender whose pruning saw was used to murder the counselor of the rehabilitation camp. Calling in the favour the judge owes him, he has him unseal the juvie file of one Tyler Chase (Rickey Eugene Brown, The Mick).

With the help of some fancy driving and a cliff hang, he convinces Tyler to come in to the station with him. Intent to prove that bad apples can’t change, he refuses to buy the kid’s story that he was in love with the murder victim and that she must have been killed by another teen resident that she was about to expel.

Photo Credit: FOX

Inspired to be the best worst influence only he can be for the teens, Lucy returns to the camp to set up a tutorial on how to become pot king/queen-pins. In doing so, he manages to weed out (lol, see what I did there?) an actual marijuana crop being grown right in the camp by star pupil, Carly (Saxon Sharbino, Freakish).

High as a kite on a horse… well as a devil on a horse, I guess, Lucifer quickly whips the “reformed” into an efficient drug processing operation just in time for Decker to show up and arrest Carly. While Lucifer stuffs himself on chips and chocolate dip, she gets even more flack from Pierce for thinking too conventionally. #CantCatchABreak

Photo Credit: FOX

While Ella and Lucifer hold a Pierce love-in, Decker fumes over his treatment of her… and finds the murder weapon. When the obvious answer doesn’t add up, she stands her ground on digging more and ends up with Pierce riding along when Lucifer abandons her to attend Lexy (probably at a Chuck E. Cheese).

And again with the dangerous nature of wishing. Decker had obviously had some negative feelings toward the lieutenant ever since he had taken over the precinct. Arriving at the camp, they finally have it out and he explains some of his decisions, including the fact he values her as one of his best detectives, when the camp leader, Jerry (Antonio Jaramillo, Shades of Blue) appears out of nowhere and shoots Pierce full of holes.

Photo Credit: FOX

With the lieutenant in the hospital recovering and Decker in a bit of shock from the shooting, Lucifer proves himself the most effective detective once again by tracking Jerry down at his getaway boat. Amenadiel arrives in time to keep Lucifer from killing the man and they hogtie/giftwrap him on the Malibu pier for police pick-up.

There’s a hint of something in Pierce’s response to Decker’s visit in the hospital. I’ve always suspected he’s more than just a very bluntly-spoken lieutenant. Whether it’s a Sinner Man thing or an angel thing, I have to admit I’m very intrigued to see the reveal on this one.

Photo Credit: FOX

As incredibly skilled as the Lucifer writers are at their comedic moments and action sequences, what truly keeps me riveted is the amazing scenes of character revelation they create.

The closing scene is a magnificent exchange between Lucifer and Amenadiel where, in reaction to Amenadiel’s claim that Lucifer has changed, our dear Lord Morningstar summons up the darkest, most hurtful dregs of vitriol he can conjure and spews it all over his big brother in an effort to drive him away.

The brilliance of the moment is that somehow Amenadiel takes the full brunt of the assault, feels the pain, recognizes the purpose behind the cruelty, and simply reminds Lucifer that he will always be there for him.

It’s as if Ella’s earlier advice to Decker about Pierce – “Just pay attention to his actions, not his words” – echos down through the episode to Amenadiel for dealing with Lucifer’s lashing out. It’s a beautiful moment of unity between the plot threads and really demonstrates the elegance of the writing.

Photo Credit: FOX

Lucifer airs Monday nights at 9pm ET/PT on FOX.

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  1. L1ttl3J1m

    The thing that spoiled this one for me (and maybe I’m a bit sad, but anyway), what the hell are you going to prune with a pruning saw with a six inch blade? You’d barely get started cutting before you have to stop again!

    1. Diana

      Fair point! My only thought is the juvie detainees at the camp might need to start small, or that they might only be in charge of minor pruning details. If everyone was issued one and they had to carry them around in their kit, they’d have to be pretty small

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