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Soap Notes: Days of our Lives’ Marci Miller and Billy Flynn Talk Bachelor Parties and Double Weddings 

Soap Notes: Days of our Lives’ Marci Miller and Billy Flynn Talk Bachelor Parties and Double Weddings
Photo Credit: Evans Vestal Ward/NBC

WARNING: Mild Days of our Lives spoilers

A double wedding with the potential for disaster takes centerstage today and Monday on NBC’s Days of our Lives.

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The invitation-only event features Sonny Kiriakis and Paul Narita as well as Abigail Deveraux DiMera and Chad DiMera. This happy occasion will have one uninvited guest, however. The outside presence promises to change the lives of some of the Salem residents forever.

TV Goodness had the opportunity to chat with the actors who play Abby and Chad: Marci Miller and Billy Flynn. We had fun talking about why this event will please Chad and Abby fans, they reveal their favorite moment leading up to the wedding; and they preview the long suffering couple’s post-wedding dynamic.

Photo Credit: Evans Vestal Ward/NBC

TV Goodness: Marci, I wanted to start with you. You’ve been with the show over a year but your character’s about to celebrate one year on the air. What’s the experience been like for you? What surprised you the most about this year?

Marci Miller: There are so many things. It’s interesting because I feel like this job — I’ve learned so much about myself. It’s not for the faint of heart, to me. I mean it requires a lot of grit. A lot of discipline.

Billy Flynn (sarcastically): A lot of grit.

Miller: It does!

Flynn (more sarcasm): Grit.

Miller: I’ve been humbled for sure in my time here. Learned a lot about myself and the people, I’ve been so pleasantly surprised how wonderful the people that I get to work with here are on a daily basis, genuine loving people that I truly enjoy.

TV Goodness: Billy, the first thing [head writer] Ron Carlivati seemed to do was reunite Chad and Abby. Why do you feel that was a good move?

Flynn: I think at the end of the day it’s the only real love story that you can tell with that group. Where all the time has been invested, you know? I think it makes more sense. There’s a lot of people out there who like Chad and Gabi (Camila Banus) together, too. I think both are interesting scenarios, but we’ve seen Chad and Abby fall in love.

There’s so many no brainers for an amazing story to tell. She’s coming back after being dead and she has a mental illness and it’s like, I personally think, triangles are sort of the staples of soaps. But for that instance it was more of a parlor trick as opposed to telling the story of her figuring out who she was again, what her relationship was. And I think that’s what disappointed me more than anything.

TV Goodness: But now we have this classic soap event: a double wedding…

Flynn: It’s the wedding that goes on with a hitch.

TV Goodness: Why is this wedding not to be missed?

Miller: It’s something that [fans] have been wanting and rooting for, for a really, really long time. I mean this is the moment that they’ve been hoping would come. I think it’s cool that it’s a double wedding. It’s kind of historical. I like that it’s a same sex couple and a hetero…heterosexual couple.

Flynn: A what? A what? (laughter)

Miller: It’s like historical in a way…

Flynn: Spoiler: Chad cries.

Miller: Chad cries. Spoiler alert.

TV Goodness (sarcasm): That never happens!

Flynn: Actually, I don’t think he does [this time.]

Miller: It’s gonna be what people want in a lot of ways. I think they’ll be happy about it.

TV Goodness: Can you tease the wedding crasher — what it means for Chad and Abby and the emotional fallout?

Flynn: (jokes) Yeah, Lorenzo Lamas shows up…as a surprise guest.

Miller: Oh my gosh.

Flynn: We didn’t know he was going to be there. It was a real treat for everybody.

Miller: This guy. This guy. I’ll just say that it’s somebody that means something to pretty much everybody in the room in some way, shape or form, and choices have to be made as a result and anytime anything unexpected happens, it’s stressful and you have to figure out what to do next. And all of that so they’ll have to make some choices.

TV Goodness: How does Chad respond?

Miller: That’s when he cries. (laughs)

Flynn: I think what Chad…he wants to correct things and just getting through this wedding is part of it. So you see him very persistent in making sure that Abby has her, that they have their moment.

TV Goodness: What’s your favorite moment from this whole wedding story?

Flynn: I really enjoyed the bachelor party. That was a ton of fun. It was so absurd. I thought Thaao (Penghlis, Andre) was just brilliant in his delivery of like the worst bachelor party ever.

TV Goodness: I liked the ascots. What are you talking about? (laughter)

Miller: I actually watched it last night and you were really funny in it. I wanted to tell you that.

Flynn: I like the moment when he goes, he says something about the film. And I’m like ‘A FILM???!!!’

Miller: I like it when you’re like ‘chick-for the yeah, he wants chicken wings.’ (laughter)

Flynn: We all had a blast with that one. And then the kiss. That was a lot of fun. Kissing Thaao.

TV Goodness: How about you, Marci?

Miller: I think the bachelorette party was really fun. It’s so rare for us to have scenes where it’s just a big group of girls having a good time. Billy’s yawning now because I’m talking. (laughter) No, that was really fun. I don’t get to work with many of those people often. I got to have scenes with Lani, Sal Stowers, which is amazing. I adore her in real life. She’s constantly sitting on my couch. And Mary Beth Evans. I don’t get to work with her that often. I got to work with her and Kristian (Alfonso).

TV Goodness: What’s the road ahead for Chad and Abby post-wedding?

Flynn: Mayhem. Love.

Miller: Yeah, some. But there’s…

Flynn: It’s a Salem rollercoaster.

Miller: After the wedding, if we’re on a rollercoaster, we’re like coming downhill to the flat part for a minute maybe. They do give us the opportunity to kind of have some downtime and then it all goes crazy again.

TV Goodness: There’s lots of returns coming. Which ones did you enjoy? 

Miller: There’s so many. I can say that when Kristen — Eileen Davidson — I just remember growing up, my mom going that girl who plays Kristen is so beautiful. I remember being 8, 10 years old listening to my mom saying that. So when I found out she was coming back I was like this is so cool. Cool to see. Everybody’s amazing.

Flynn: Ali [Sweeney, Sami] coming back. I think Ali, when I first started I worked with her a lot before they left. It was really cool to see Ali. It was really nice to meet Lisa [Rinna]. Eileen Davidson’s a gangsta, so that was cool. It’s always fun when people come back especially people who were so prevalent on the show. It’s always fun when I have my buddies come back. Like when Rob Wilson [Ben] returns or something like that.

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for times.

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