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Soap Notes: Days of Our Lives’ Freddie Smith and Christopher Sean on the Double Wedding 

Soap Notes: Days of Our Lives’ Freddie Smith and Christopher Sean on the Double Wedding
Photo Credit: Chris Haston/NBC

WARNING: Mild Days of our Lives spoilers

On NBC’s Days of our Lives, the daytime drama’s all about the double wedding that’s happening today and Monday featuring two couples: Sonny Kiriakis/Paul Narita; and Abigail Deveraux DiMera/Chad DiMera.

TV Goodness recently chatted with the actors who portray Sonny and Paul, Freddie Smith and Christopher Sean. This relationship is about to get a big shake-up with the return of Will Horton (Chandler Massey). But right now it’s all weddings and bachelor parties…until a certain wedding crasher threatens to blow their whole world up.

Photo Credit: Chris Haston/NBC

Smith and Sean talk about this whole double wedding experience; how twist-y the action is going to get; and why now’s a good time to be tuning into the show.

TV Goodness: Freddie, on social media you posted about how filming the double wedding was one of those days that reminded you of why you wanted to be an actor. What did you mean by that? How special of an experience was it?

Freddie Smith: Just being able to be challenged, to be able to grow and just everyone who was involved. When you think about on the other end of the spectrum, as Christopher [Sean] can relate to because he’s written and produced and directed, when you think about having an idea and then you see it come together, it was like 500 people involved and everyone has their part. To see all 500 people and everyone work together and create something so beautiful, you’re just like, wow, this is almost magic.

And you just realize this is why this is such a great industry because it’s just incredible the amount of hands that are involved and when you can get something this beautiful out there as a final product, which took hours in general, with all the writing and everything, and when it comes together to air like a 40 minute thing, it just blew my mind it was so good.

TV Goodness: Christopher, did you have the same experience?

Christopher Sean: I think the writers took a leap of faith in all of us and gave us some amazing material. For me, the material I got so excited for — and [then] to read what Freddie had coming. I was like, I’m ready and I’m relying on you because a lot of what I had, I had to react off of what Freddie would do. And Freddie gave me a lot to work with. And I think my performance peaked because of Freddie.

TV Goodness: On a scale of one to ten, how surprising and twisty does this wedding get?

Sean: Ten. Big time. Maybe a 12.

Smith: It’s off the chart. It just pulls the rug from underneath you. You know? It’s basically one of those moments. Have you ever seen when marathon runners celebrate too early and then they slow down and then someone comes from behind and passes them and they get second place? It’s like that feeling.

Sean: Yeah. And instead of one person it’s like six people.

Smith: (laughs) Yeah. You go from first to seventh place. You’re like Awwwww…..

TV Goodness: Talk about some of the emotions your characters will experience during the wedding.

Smith: Just love and excitement and then ultimate confusion.

Sean: It’s the culmination of the three years that I’ve been on the show. Everything that Paul wanted. He’s finally getting the man he loves. He’s finally happy. He’s himself. He’s whole. He’s out and this is a dream comes true. And then reality strikes.

TV Goodness: Reality in the form of a mysterious wedding crasher. How is this all going to affect Paul and Sonny?

Sean: It’s going to test the fibers of their relationship and their love.

TV Goodness: How does it feel to be entrusted with that kind of story?

Sean: Wonderful. Great. This is the stuff you want to do on TV. This is the stuff you grow up wanting to be a part of. We’re pushing the story forward with great writing from Ron [Carlivati] and his writing team, Ryan Quan and Sheri Anderson and so on. You know?

Smith: 100%.

TV Goodness: What’s been your favorite moment with this wedding story?

Smith: On a light note, it’s hearing Paul’s vows. On a challenging, exciting note: the climax of the destruction of the wedding. Oh I can’t wait. I’m so excited.

TV Goodness: It’s classic soap opera. Christopher?

Image Credit: NBC

Sean: I just really enjoyed watching the ebbs and flows of PaulSon. When Sonny comes back, and he’s kind of like Scarface, he’s like Sonny Corleone, where he’s like ‘I want to take over the business.’ And he starts to go dark, you see a little darkness and Paul’s trying to pull him back. And when Paul gets his jungle madness and Sonny’s there to help him. Through it all, they’ve always been there. No matter what, they’ve always been there for each other. And to finally have the marriage, it’s like freakin’ awesome, and again, this is like classic soap opera. So if anyone is a soap opera fan, you should be watching because the writing is so realistic and exciting.

TV Goodness: A couple of the things I’ve enjoyed with Ron Carlivati’s writing is how so many characters that haven’t interacted in such a long time are interacting. Also, there have been a ton of nods to history. What do you appreciate about Ron’s writing style?

Sean: I like the fact that everyone’s intertwined. It’s all three or four storylines moving in a parallel direction, rather than isolated storylines. It’s all intertwining. It sews together seamlessly so many legends and newcomers and makes it all feel like one show rather than a variety show.

Smith: I just love that he goes for it. Pushes the limit. And he actually said something the other day and I don’t want to quote it because I can’t exactly remember the perfect thing he said. But it’s basically like, you can have all the characters go to Mars but as long as the characters are true to themselves and acting accordingly, you can do the most outrageous as long as the characters are grounded with who they are.

And I think that’s what Ron does very well. He’s able to push limits — and that’s an exaggeration obviously with Mars — but you’re able to put people into these crazy situations but as long as they’re grounded in truth, people are going to accept that. And it’s also going to be fun for the characters to explore with the different emotions.

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for times.

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