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Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce “Rule #930: Plan For New Plans” 

Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce “Rule #930: Plan For New Plans”
GIRLFRIENDS' GUIDE TO DIVORCE -- "Rule #930: Plan For New Plans" Episode 405 -- Pictured: (l-r) Beau Garrett as Phoebe, Lisa Edelstein as Abby McCarthy, Retta as Barbara -- (Photo by: Diyah Pera/Bravo)

Let’s catch up with our favorite ladies from Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce as they are back to their usual personal and professional chaos after attending Mom McCarthy’s funeral during last week’s episode.

Photo Credit: Dean Buscher/Bravo

This viewer was on vacation last week but still managed to tune in to Bravo to cry and sing along with Abby (Lisa Edelstein) and TV dad Barry Bostwick! That was another emotional ride. Add to that the return of her brother Max (Patrick Heusinger) who announced he was estranged from his husband, plus Lilly (Conner Dwelly) having heart problems with her baker BF and that was the perfect storm for a breakdown for our beloved Abby. Rest assured though, Coach Mike Brady (James Lesure) showed up and hugged it all better. What a sweet and supportive gesture! He needs to be back on the show full time.

Photo Credit: Diyah Pera/Bravo

Abby returns to her Lady Parts business only to find out Barbara (Retta) has pretty much taken her vote of confidence to run the site in her absence a bit too far. It’s quite the departure from Abby’s original concept and that understandably leads to conflict. I can appreciate the merits in both arguments and their enthusiasm and ideas. However Babs can’t change things up this drastically and expect Abby to be fine with it all, especially since she was away for a family emergency, just like it is shady for Abby to reach out to that questionable investor behind her partner’s back.

As delicate as the situation is, it’s painful to watch them bicker – on national TV courtesy of Kathie Lee and Hoda from the Today Show – instead of working as a team supporting each other. From the look of the preview for the season finale, it’s about to get much worse…before it gets better, hopefully? We’ll have to wait and see.

On the home front, Abby can’t catch a break either as she’s recently welcomed her dad in LA for his recovery following his stroke. The man is having a hard with her smothering ways, but to be fair, Abby is often overly protective of the people she welcomes under her roof and who are in her heart. Additionally, it’s difficult to walk the fine line between caring and becoming a caretaker.

Unfortunately, she is proven right when Dad McCarthy almost burns down the house. These two will need time to adjust to their new living situation and find proper balance. Step by step. Their moments together are as enlightening about what shapes Abby as it was to watch her with her hyper mom. The insights are making a lot of sense when it comes to understanding her.

Photo Credit: Diyah Pera/Bravo

Elsewhere, a seven-day escrow forces Phoebe (Beau Garrett) to confront the reality of downsizing. As cheesy as it looks, it’s also endearing to see her say goodbye to all of her stuff. It’s a tough call for her but the right one to make and she gets a lesson in life from her resilient kids who seem to be totally unfazed by the move – as long as they have the internet obviously. Then Phoebs declines the buyers’ offer because she’s not ready to let go compromising this whole adjustment.

Photo Credit: Diyah Pera/Bravo

Jo (Alanna Ubach) and Delia (Necar Zadegan) work out their differences regarding ‘Bald-Eagle’ Albert (Brian Markinson) so he comes along to the ‘yard sale’ with Jo to meet Abby and Barb. Yup, still very awkward! Yet, not as awkward as when they decide to ease Zooey (Alison Thornton who is thankfully finally back this season) into their relationship by proceeding to set up an ‘impromptu’ meet-up at the bakery. Needless to say, this is a disaster and the smart teen doesn’t enjoy being fooled so she storms off. Rough return, kid!

Delia has been doing great lately. What with the new wings she gets from her inspiring start in politics as she is helping Paul (Ignacio Serricchio) run his campaign for City Council as well as dating him. Enters Albert’s ex-wife who instead of writing them a financial support, hands over some innuendos to Delia related to her affair with her ex-husband. Delia eventually comes clean to Paul and to her surprise, so does he. Everybody has a past. Instead of being shocked and parting ways, it actually brings them together. Good for Delia!

Photo Credit: Diyah Pera/Bravo

Last but not least, let’s give a little shout out to Babs and her man Darrell (Malcom Jamal Warner). I enjoy watching them grow into a fun and comfortable couple.

Alas next week is already the season finale that will end my favorite season so far. Expect a few blasts from the past sprinkled with surprises for all the girlfriends.

Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce airs Thursdays at 10/9c on Bravo.

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