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What You Need to Know about Pop’s Swedish Dicks 

What You Need to Know about Pop’s Swedish Dicks
Photo Credit: Pop
Photo Credit: Pop

WARNING: Spoilers for Swedish Dicks Season One

Pop’s newest scripted series boasts an A-List celeb as a recurring guest star and fancies itself a quirky combination of both comedy and procedural.

It’s called Swedish Dicks and other than the series featuring occasional conversations entirely in Swedish and the “dicks” in question being private eyes, here’s what you need to know:

Photo Credit: Pop

Pop’s Official Series Synopsis: Swedish Dicks is a half-hour single-camera comedy about a washed-up ex-stuntman (Peter Stormare) stuck in the past, and an overly optimistic Swedish DJ (Johan Glans) stuck in the digital world. Together they get unstuck by forming the private detective firm Swedish Dicks – solving some of the strangest and wildest cases LA has ever seen.

The Premiere Date: Wednesday, August 9 (two episodes)

Synopses for First Two Episodes:

Ingmar (Peter Stormare), a former stuntman, is trying to get by as a private investigator. A private dick, as they used to say. One day, a case leads him to an incredibly annoying DJ, Axel (Johan Glans). But it’s not just irritation that Axel awakens in Ingmar.

When Ingmar and Axel get a classic cheating spouse case to solve, it’s time for Axel to prove himself as a private dick. As if that weren’t enough, they run into Ingmar’s rival, Jane McKinney (Traci Lords), and Axel is challenged to a duel.

The Season Finale Date: Wednesday, September 20 (two episodes)

The A-List Connection: Keanu Reeves from Speed, the Matrix trilogy, the John Wick series of movies and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure is a special guest star. While he’s mostly known for his blockbuster movies, if you dig deeper into his acting resume, you’ll find he has small screen credits including early TV movies The Brotherhood of Justice and Under the Influence.

Photo Credit: Pop

According to Pop, Reeves is playing Tex Johnson. Tex was Ingmar’s best friend and co-stuntman who died in the making of Blood Curse 2 ten years ago. He was a real Texas cowboy and they had the perfect partnership until the tragic accident. Ingmar was blamed for his death, but the ghost of Tex won’t stop haunting him.

Photo Credit: Pop

Guest Star Goodness: Keanu Reeves isn’t the only name guest starring this season. Some of the other actors showing up in the series: Suits and Medinah star Eric Roberts, Without a Trace‘s Anthony LaPaglia, Suburgatory‘s Jane Levy, Supernatural‘s Young Dean Winchester a.k.a. Brock Kelly, comedian Margaret Cho and Traci Lords, a woman who’s defied any sort of labels but has starred in various films and TV shows, including the OG Melrose Place.

Photo Credit: Pop

Deja View: The primary cast features a few familiar faces, most notably the show’s lead, Peter Stormare. The veteran actor (who actually happens to be Swedish) is best known for starring on Prison Break, The Blacklist and was just seen in the first season of the Starz drama, American Gods. Stormare co-starred with Reeves in John Wick: Chapter 2 and is also down as co-creator of Swedish Dicks.

Meanwhile the Pop TV audience — and daytime soap fans — might recognize Felisha Cooper, who plays Sarah. On CBS’ The Bold and the Beautiful she was Sasha Thompson, the secret daughter to the patriarch of the Avant family. Let’s just say she caused trouble for her half-sister, Nicole, and her then boyfriend (now husband) Zende Forrester. Cooper has also guest starred on Criminal Minds, The Last Ship and NCIS: Los Angeles.

Vivian Bang plays Sun on Swedish Dicks. For three seasons she starred on the TBS comedy, Sullivan & Son. The South Korean actress has also appeared in episodes of Freeform’s Famous in Love, the short-lived series Better off Ted and the hit CBS sitcom Becker.

Stormare’s on screen partner-in-private detective-ing is Johan Glans, an actor that’s new to American audiences but has made quite the impression back home in Sweden. In fact, he was named best Swedish comedian in 2003 and again in 2013.

Meet the Characters

The good investigators we are, we’ve managed to piece together intel on Swedish Dicks‘ major players thanks to Pop’s character bios along with the cast themselves. And we’re passing on the knowledge to you.

A quick introduction

Season One Goals for each Character

Strengths and Flaws for each Character

Photo Credit: Pop

What You Need to Know about Ingmar (Peter Stormare): Ingmar wasn’t always an unlicensed private investigator. He used to be a somewhat successful stuntman in some very unsuccessful movies. But when Tex – Ingmar’s best friend and brother in arms – died while filming an action scene and Ingmar, as his stunt coordinator, was blamed for the accident, he was forced out of the stunt game and began the journey to forget his painful past. Now, his plan is to truly become successful in his new career and the only one standing in his way is himself. And possibly his new colleague, Axel.

Photo Credit: Pop

What You Need to Know about Axel (Johan Glans): Axel is a struggling Swedish DJ who couldn’t quite handle the competition of his new career – even though he made it into Wikipedia and is officially a celebrity. He is slowly realizing he’s becoming too old to continue DJ’ing. Axel decided to come to LA in search of something more than just pushing buttons on a computer and staring at a screen. It was here that he crossed paths with Ingmar, who he hopes will become a father figure for him – or basically just someone he can follow. Maybe if he sticks around the investigation firm long enough, Ingmar will show him how to get a grip on his life.

Photo Credit: Pop

What You Need to Know about Sun (Vivian Bang): Sun is the office’s ballsy caretaker who used to be a ”bad ass” graphic designer in the ministry of propaganda in North Korea. At least that’s what she claims. Now her daily routines include everything from helping the dicks with computer hacking, breaking into their competitors’ offices to normal maintenance work. Sun always has a way of solving things. And more often than not it involves violence or cursing.

Photo Credit: Pop

What You Need to Know about Sarah (Felisha Cooper): Sarah is Ingmar’s daughter who sometimes helps the firm with legal advice. She’s the career lady and kick ass lawyer who doesn’t want her dad to interfere with her life. Ingmar is longing to be the one giving her advice but Sarah is a big girl now and doesn’t need her daddy’s help anymore. Well, at least that’s what she keeps telling herself. Sarah is a strong independent woman but struggles with commitment. You can smell her daddy issues from far, far away.

Photo Credit: Pop

What You Need to Know about Jane McKinney (Traci Lords): Jane McKinney is Ingmar’s arch enemy and founder of the best investigation firm in all of Los Angeles, according to herself. She’s an iron lady and her company is slightly better at everything, which she loves to emphasize.

The first season of Swedish Dicks premieres tonight with back-to-back episodes airing at 8/7c and 8:30/7:30c on Pop.

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