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The Teen Wolf Cast and EP Discuss the End of the Series 

The Teen Wolf Cast and EP Discuss the End of the Series

The end is almost here and it’s been a pretty awesome ride. When I heard Teen Wolf was coming back to Comic-Con one more time, I knew I had to get into the press room to talk to EP/Creator Jeff Davis and the cast about what the show had meant to them and how it all would end. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to talk to everyone, but Tyler Posey, Dylan Sprayberry, Khylin Rambo and Jeff Davis had a lot of insightful and interesting things to say about the series and their experiences making this show.

But first, the trailer they showed at Comic-con:

Excited yet?!

Tyler Posey on directing in the past and how that led to directing an episode of the show, what the show means to him and how connected he is to it, how playing Scott has affected him personally:

Dylan Sprayberry on how he feels about finishing the final season, the Mason/Liam dynamic this season and working with a friend in real life, the series arc of his character, having the familiar faces of returning characters on set, Tyler Posey and Linden Ashby directing episodes and working with other directors on the episodes:

Khylin Rhambo on what he can’t wait for the fans to see in this final stretch of episodes, what he has in common with and admires about Mason, the Mason/Liam dynamic, the feel of the final season, working with an actual wolf on set, playing the “everyman” in a show like this, on which character’s abilities he’d like to have and why, on if he’d like to direct sometime in his career, his favorite scene, the message of the show, if he’d like to keep working in this genre, his favorite superhero, what he’s doing next:

Jeff Davis on trying to bring characters back, including Daniel Sharman (who couldn’t do it), what to expect in the final episodes, if he always meant to end the series this way, how the election made Jeff want to explore fear of “the outsider,” if they’ll answer all the questions by the finale and if we’re see any of these characters again, his favorite big bad and if he wanted to do anything more with them, the Derek/Stiles dynamic, the show’s legacy, when he realized the show had taken off, if social media has made Jeff more recognizable, his favorite episodes, which character has more of his qualities, including/involving the parents in the show from the beginning:

And this one, because I love it:

Teen Wolf Season 6B premieres tonight at 8/7c on MTV.

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