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The Mist Preview: “The Waiting Room” 

Photo Credit: Spike

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

The Mist takes it down a notch this week with an episode that focuses on Kevin, Bryan, Adrian, and Mia after they make it to the hospital.

Photo Credit: Spike

We don’t see the mall or church crews at all. Instead, the action at the hospital is alternated with flashbacks of Kevin and Alex setting up at their current house back when things were idyllic and they were happy. Kevin’s thrown back into those memories after he finds his injured brother, Mike, in one of the patient rooms and it reopens the beginning of their estrangement, which occurred because Mike knew Alex before.

Photo Credit: Spike

While they’re sorting that out, Adrian runs into one of the jocks from the party, and Mia and Bryan get closer until a new wrinkle creeps in. It’s definitely a quieter hour, with a little of the monster mash thrown in to remind you watch you’re watching.

The Mist airs at 10/9c Thursday on Spike. Here’s a sneak peek.

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