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Shooter Season 2 Premiere: “The Hunting Party” 

Photo Credit: Isabella Voskmikova/USA Network

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

One of the surprise successes for USA last fall was the first season of Shooter, based on the novel Point of Impact by Stephen Hunter and the 2007 film of the same name starring Mark Wahlberg, who retains a producing credit on the series. It was postponed last summer due to a rash of sniper shootings and when it finally premiered several months later, the timing was apparently spot on; it was renewed halfway through its 10-episode run. The first season concluded just six months ago and we’re already kicking off Season 2 Tuesday night.

Photo Credit: Isabella Voskmikova/USA Network
Photo Credit: Isabella Voskmikova/USA Network

As we closed out the freshman year, the Swaggers (Ryan Phillippe, Shantel VanSanten, and Lexy Kolker), Nadine (Cynthia Addai-Robinson), and Isaac (Omar Epps) had survived the rampage that followed a political assassination and attempted frame-up, and Bob Lee had been pardoned by the President, with an assist from the National Security Advisor, Gregson (Beverly D’Angelo).

Photo Credit: Isabella Voskmikova/USA Network

Season 2 begins a few months later, with the Swaggers relocated, Nadine riding a desk job, Isaac and his wife hiding out, and Gregson working in private security. Bob Lee and Julie are invited to Hamburg, Germany, where one of his unit is about to awarded a commendation, and they take the opportunity to have a long-overdue couple’s weekend, which lasts about as long as you think it will.

Also in Hamburg, Solotov (Criminal MindsJosh Stewart) is working a mark at a bar and suddenly, a very special day goes very, very wrong and Bob Lee again finds himself caught up in a chase. This time, he realizes it’s about way more than him, and it’s not a carryover from Season 1. True Blood‘s Todd Lowe is along for the ride as Colin Hobbs, one of Bob Lee’s unit.

Photo Credit: Isabella Voskmikova/USA Network
Photo Credit: Isabella Voskmikova/USA Network

Stateside, Nadine is fairly miserable when Gregson comes calling about a possible move, and Nadine’s smart enough to weigh her options and make sure the offer meets her needs, not just Gregson’s. One of the things I really liked about the first season is that the women kick as much ass as the men. There were a few damsel in distress moments, but they paled vs. the take-no-prisoners comeuppances that followed. In Season 2, Julie, Nadine, and Gregson are joined by Rosewood‘s Jaina Lee Ortiz as Angela Tio, another member of Bob Lee’s unit, who’s still enlisted.

The action starts fairly early in, and lays the groundwork for another season-long arc as Bob Lee and the rest of his unit try to stay ahead of their would-be assassins. We don’t get to see Julie in her fierce DON’T EVEN mode yet, but I’m sure we will. It’s understandable that she’s trying to dial back into some kind of normalcy for her daughter, but I do so enjoy her when she’s just done with the bullshit.

Shooter airs at 10/9c Tuesdays on USA. Here are a few sneak peeks. Season 1 is available now on Amazon, iTunes, VUDU, Xbox One and Google Play.

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