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Fargo Preview: “Who Rules the Land of Denial?” 

Photo Credit: Chris Large/FX

[Warning: general spoilers ahead.]

Tonight’s Fargo switches up the action a bit, and moves things forward, as Sy and Emmit face a reckoning, and Nikki races for her life.

The episode is divided into specific action breaks that follows our characters in separate silos. The first piece of the episode is set in the deep woods of winter after Nikki survives the bus sabotage. Through luck, will, and grit, she faces her own guilt about Ray and is presented with a series of opportunities for survival and redemption.

In town, Emmit can’t seem to get out from under the thumb of the increasingly oppressive Varga, and Sy gets caught in the middle. Gloria makes some big decisions about moving her personal and professional life forward, while still intent on wrapping up her case, and she gets an unexpected boost on the latter.

DJ Qualls is back in liege with Varga’s henchmen, Ray Wise pops back up with some sage advice, and one of my Canadian favorites, Andrew Airlie (The Romeo Section), appears briefly as a U.S. Marshal investigating the bus crash. And yes, if you’ve watched Fargo from the jump, that was Wes Wrench (Russell Harvard) seated next to Nikki on the bus. That turns out to be a very handy gift.

Fargo airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on FX. Here’s a sneak peek of  “Who Rules The Land of Denial?”

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