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The Leftovers Series Finale Preview: “The Book of Nora” 

Photo Credit: Ben King/HBO

Last week’s “The Most Powerful Man in the World (and his Identical Twin Brother)” gave us clarity on Kevin’s purpose on The Leftovers, and the series finale, aptly titled “The Book of Nora” (remember, the season premiere was called “The Book of Kevin”), is set to tell Nora’s story.

When we last saw Nora, with the help of Matt and Laurie, she had successfully tracked down the scientists with the irradiation machine that’s supposed to transport people to wherever the departed went. She was seemingly at peace with the idea of going in the machine, and possibly resigning herself to death.

But we know that she does survive until old age, at least if we are to believe that the flash-forward we saw in the season premiere. That scene showed an older Nora, still in Australia, claiming that the name “Kevin” was not important to her.

If there’s one thing that we’ve learned over the course of this series, it’s that people cope with trauma in all sorts of ways. And in last week’s episode, it became clear that Kevin was able to move past his coping mechanism to figure out that wanted to fix his relationship with Nora. Is it possible that the machine worked and the future scene is of wherever she was transported to? Or does she never go through with it? Why does the nun mention Kevin?

To be honest, The Leftovers is so based in human emotion, that it feels a bit pointless to speculate. At its core, this weird show about two percent of the world disappearing, bizarre quasi-religious cults, magic holy men, and dying and coming back to life, is really about love. It’s about connections, and the ties that bind us to each other, and how those ties are the only things that keep us from sinking when things go wrong. The creators have made a beautiful, moving story full of characters we’ve grown to care about. And at the end of it, we’re just looking forward to a fitting close to an incredible series.

The series finale of The Leftovers airs Sunday, June 4 at 9/8c on HBO.

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