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The Leftovers Preview: “Certified” 

The Leftovers Preview: “Certified”
Photo Credit: Ben King/HBO
Photo Credit: Ben King/HBO

After last week’s deep dive into Matt’s psyche, this week’s episode of The Leftovers, “Certified,” will focus on our current straight-man, Laurie Garvey.

Laurie started out as a mysterious figure, a silent member of the Guilty Remanent. The show was slow to reveal that she was actually Kevin’s wife and Jill and Tom’s mother.

Since then she’s left the cult and reunited with her family (sort of), while also becoming tied to John and Michael. But we’ve never known much about why she joined the Guilty Remanent or really much about her at all outside of her connection to Kevin, and tangentially, Patti. The season one episode “The Garveys at Their Best” is the most backstory we’ve gotten–that Laurie was a psychiatrist and that she was pregnant on the day of the departure. We may have not realized it before, but we desperately need a Laure-centric episode.

In this season, Laurie has become most apparent as the one vocal nonbeliever in quasi-religion forming around Kevin. In “Certified,” Laurie is out to save Kevin, but maybe not in the same way that John and Michael are (not Matt though, after his conversation with “god” last week.) With Kevin on his way to be killed so he can allegedly go to the “otherside” to get the last song from Christopher Sunday, Laurie might me Kevin’s only hope at staying alive. But, at this point there’s a good chance Kevin is participating in Kevin Sr.’s plan very willingly.

With our core group all settled in Australia for the time being and the seventh anniversary of The Sudden Departure upon us, “Certified” is unquestionably going to pack an emotional wallop. Be prepared for some difficult conversations and unexpected decisions.

The Leftovers airs Sunday night at 9/8c on HBO.

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