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Dancing with the Stars “Season 24 Week 7” aka Movie Night/The Dance-Off 

Dancing with the Stars “Season 24 Week 7” aka Movie Night/The Dance-Off
DANCING WITH THE STARS - "Episode 2407" - The seven remaining couples are presented with an all-new challenge, as they dance to celebrate "A Night at the Movies." One couple will receive immunity; the remaining couples will compete in a Dance-Off; and a double elimination will take place at the end of the night, on "Dancing with the Stars," live, MONDAY, MAY 1 (8:00-10:01 p.m. EDT), on The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Eric McCandless) NORMANI KORDEI, VALENTIN CHMERKOVSKIY
Photo Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

Last night on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, it was a night at the movies and that called for a big opening dance number like the old musicals.

The Big News: a dreaded double elimination loomed over this evening of dance. Whichever couple received the top score after the first round earned immunity and automatically moved on to next week, however. The rest of the pairs faced the pressure of a dance-off before finding out who was going home.

Mandy Moore filled in for regular judge Julianne Hough. That would be Mandy Moore the choreographer, not Mandy Moore the actress/singer. Mandy is known for her Emmy-nominated routines on FOX’s So You Think You Can Dance as well as her work as choreographer for the movie La La Land.

Let’s take a look and see how everyone did:

First Dance

Bonner Bolton and Sharna Burgess
Dance: Paso Doble
Phone Number: 1-800-868-3401
Movie Genre: Western

Photo Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

This Paso Doble was well done. There were moments that Bonner wasn’t strong enough but he has improved every week. Also there could have been more Paso Doble content. The cool thing was for a man that was paralyzed 18 months ago, jumped on a table with no help!

Score: Carrie Ann-7, Len-7, Mandy-8, Bruno-7; Total: 29

Nancy Kerrigan and Artem Chigvintsev
Dance: Tango
Phone Number: 1-800-868-3408
Movie Genre: Romance

Photo Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

This was a solid dance by Nancy and Artem. For the first time this season, she seemed more relaxed. We have seen Nancy stress herself a lot and she just had fun.

Score: Carrie Ann-9, Len-9, Mandy-9, Bruno-9; Total: 36

Simone Biles and Sasha Farber
Dance: Charleston
Phone Number: 1-800-868-3412
Movie Genre: Silent

Photo Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

I thought this was such a cute dance. Simone and Sasha are perfectly matched. They both can do gymnastics and fun tricks. At the same time, they have the content and technique down. One thing Simone needs to do is look at Sasha in the eyes and connect even more with him.

Score: Carrie Ann-10, Len-9, Mandy-9, Bruno-9; Total: 37

Nick Viall and Peta Murgatroyd
Dance: Argentine Tango
Phone Number: 1-800-868-3409
Movie Genre: Action

Photo Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

Nick had some missteps but he and Peta were connected. He did sell it. His improvement in his technique is clear and he puts his all into everything.

Score: Carrie Ann-8, Len-8, Mandy-9, Bruno-9; Total: 34

Rashad Jennings and Emma Slater
Dance: Paso Doble
Phone Number: 1-800-868-3408
Movie Genre: Horror

Photo Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

I want to say this was an excellent dance but there was something missing. Carrie Ann said for him to watch his posture. The story was excellent but there was a bit of a miss for me and I’m in agreement with Carrie Ann. The difference was probably his stance. It was too much of a distraction from the Paso Doble.

Score: Carrie Ann-9, Len-9, Mandy-10, Bruno-9; Total: 37

David Ross and Lindsay Arnold
Dance: Salsa
Phone Number: 1-800-868-3404
Movie Genre: Sci-Fi

Photo Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

It looked like David had a blast. He had some moves but some of the salsa was a little awkward. I think Mandy has some great suggestions for David. He needs to find the power that he has when he is throwing a baseball. It was fun. He did hit every movement.

Score: Carrie Ann-8, Len-8, Mandy-8, Bruno-8; Total: 32

Normani Kordei and Valentin Chmerkovskiy
Dance: Argentine Tango
Phone Number: 1-800-868-3410
Movie Genre: Foreign

Photo Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

Even after being injured during the week, you would have never known by the way Normani danced. This Argentine Tango was perfection. It was sensual, sexy and had a lot of content. I agreed with Len, this was the best dance of the night. The perfect score was the only way to go.

Score: Carrie Ann- 10, Len-10, Mandy-10,Bruno-10; Total: 40

The Dance-Off

Photo Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

Since Normani and Val earned the highest score in the first round they did not have to compete in the dance-off.

There were three dances the couples had to prepare: Cha Cha, Rumba and Jive. America would also be one of the judges. The winner from each dance-off would get two extra points.

Here’s how each dance-off played out.

Simone & Sasha vs. Nancy & Artem

Photo Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

Dance: Cha Cha

Judges’ Picks: Carrie Ann: Simone & Sasha, Len-Simone & Sasha, Mandy-Simone & Sasha ,Bruno-Simone & Sasha

America’s Pick: Simone & Sasha

The Winner: Simone & Sasha

Rashad & Emma vs. David & Lindsay

Photo Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

Dance: Jive

Judges’ Picks: Carrie Ann-Rashad & Emma, Len-Rashad & Emma, Mandy-Rashad & Emma, Bruno-Rashad & Emma

America’s Pick: Rashad & Emma

The Winner: Rashad & Emma

Bonner & Sharna vs. Nick & Peta

Photo Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

Dance: Rumba

Judges’ Picks: Carrie Ann-Bonner & Sharna, Len-Bonner & Sharna, Mandy-Bonner & Sharna, Bruno- Nick & Peta

America’s Pick: Bonner & Sharna

The Winner: Bonner & Sharna

The Double Elimination

We already knew Normani & Val were safe because of immunity.

The next couple safe: Simone and Sasha. Then Bonner and Sharna were told they were coming back next week, leaving David and Lindsay, Nancy and Artem, and Nick and Peta all in jeopardy. From this trio, the couple that was safe: David and Lindsay.

Photo Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

That meant Nancy Kerrigan and former Bachelor Nick Viall were eliminated. I honestly thought David would be one of the celebs going home but those Cubs fans are keeping him in this competition.

Favorite Quotes

Photo Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

Tom: “Kudos to the crew that set up an entire saloon in under 90 seconds and no doubt will be shutting one down later tonight.”
Tom: “I just crept out 700 people.”
Tom: “Nancy’s right, every week I get to transform into a guy in a dark suit.”
Tom: “You’ll get yours.”
Erin: “That could get weird out there.”
Carrie Ann: “Grumpy! He called me wicked!”
Tom: “A lot of pelvis fans in this crowd.”

Next week there will be two full dances, including a new spin on the Triple dance. Can’t imagine what that means! Don’t forget to vote! See you on Monday.

Dancing with the Stars airs Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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