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Dancing with the Stars “Season 24 Week 6” 

Dancing with the Stars “Season 24 Week 6”
Photo Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC
Photo Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

Backstreet’s Back all right!

On the latest Dancing with the Stars, Maks finally returned, Nick Carter sat in for Julianne and all is in sync. (Get it?) Anyway, this was an exciting week for people who love boy bands and girl groups. Also for those who worship the Team Dance portion of the season. It makes sense that the form it would take would be a boys vs. girls competition.

Who would leave the dance floor? It was one shocker of an elimination.

And side note: I’m having issues with the band, but more on that in just a bit.

Let’s take a look and see how everyone did:

First Dance

Simone Biles and Sasha Farber
Dance: Samba
Phone Number: 1-800-868-3412
Band: Destiny’s Child, “Survivor”

We all know Simone is a frontrunner but during this number, she and Sasha were at a disadvantage: The band was going too fast.

Photo Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

Because of that they struggled a bit. Some of the judges discussed how they were a bit behind the music. Well, duh! That’s because the tempo was moving at a pace even Speedy Gonzales couldn’t keep up with. Simone got all the moves but wasn’t really sexy because she is just too darn cute!

Score: Carrie Ann-9, Nick-8, Len-9, Bruno-9; Total: 35

Bonner Bolton and Sharna Burgess
Dance: Rumba
Phone Number: 1-800-868-3401
Band: Backstreet Boys, “I Want it that Way”

Photo Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

I thought Bonner struggled. However, the chemistry was there. I actually agree with Bruno that with the Rumba you have to keep your movements flowing and he seemed to have a difficult time with that. Because of Bonner’s physical limitations, the smoothness of his arms and hips can look a bit clunky.

Score: Carrie Ann-8, Nick-8, Len-7, Bruno-7; Total: 30

Nancy Kerrigan and Artem Chigvintsev
Dance: Paso Doble
Phone Number: 1-800-868-3408
Band: En Vogue, “Free Your Mind”

Photo Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

I thought Nancy was a little unsteady but she came out and gave it 100%. She needs to relax during rehearsals because she’s putting so much extra pressure on herself. Having said that, she was definitely powerful and really got into the routine.

Score: Carrie Ann-9, Nick-8, Len-8, Bruno-8; Total: 33

Nick Viall and Peta Murgatroyd
Dance: Jive
Phone Number: 1-800-868-3409
Band: Beach Boys, “Fun, Fun, Fun”

Photo Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

Nick did the flicks and kicks in time. That’s something positive. But he seemed to be a bit robotic and unpolished while performing said flicks and kicks. I think he was stressed and didn’t enjoy the dance as much as the week before.

Score: Carrie Ann-7, Nick-7, Len-7, Bruno-7; Total: 28

Normani Kordei and Valentin Chmerkovskiy
Dance: Salsa
Phone Number: 1-800-868-3410
Band: Pussycat Dolls, “When I Grow Up”

Photo Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

Normani is totally on the way to the finals. She rocked it. Len thought she and Val needed more salsa content but said she was a great dancer. There’s not a lot more to say except, if she continues doing as well as she’s doing, we might be seeing the next champion.

Score: Carrie Ann-10, Nick-10, Len-8, Bruno-10; Total: 38

David Ross and Lindsay Arnold
Dance: Argentine Tango
Phone Number: 1-800-868-3404
Band: N’Sync, “I Want You Back”

Photo Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

David was very hard on himself during rehearsals. As Tom said, everyone hits a wall at some point. I agree with Carrie Ann, David seemed different. The guy was just concentrating. He is a fighter. He almost dropped Lindsay because she gave him a very difficult lift to do. I think sometimes you have to readjust in rehearsals, which I think some of the younger pros don’t seem to get yet.

Score: Carrie Ann-7, Nick-8, Len-7, Bruno-7; Total: 29

Rashad Jennings and Emma Slater
Dance: Tango
Phone Number: 1-800-868-3408
Band: Four Tops, “I’ll Be There”

Photo Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

After not doing as well the week before, Rashad and Emma came out with a vengeance. Very small mistakes but I loved the beginning, which was a direct homage to classic Motown groups.

Photo Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

Rashad looked like he was having a great time and the audience felt that.

Score: Carrie Ann-9, Nick-10, Len-9, Bruno-9; Total: 37

Heather Morris and Maksim Chmerkovskiy
Dance: Rumba
Phone Number: 1-800-868-3406
Band: TLC, “Waterfalls”

Photo Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

I loved this dance so much. The technique, musicality and story were all on point. It was the first perfect score of the season! Nice welcome back for Maks.

Photo Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

It was also great that TLC’s Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas was in the DWTS audience to witness Heather and Maks perform to “Waterfalls.”

Score: Carrie Ann-10, Nick-10, Len-10, Bruno-10; Total: 40

Before the Team Dances took over, it was announced the celebs on one of the teams were all safe from elimination. The team that would be moving forward: Team Boy Band. That meant someone on Team Girl Group would be going home. A bit of a shock since the girls were all on top of the leader board.

Team Dances: Boys vs. Girls

Team Boy Band
Groups: Jackson 5, New Kids, and One Direction

Photo Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

At the first rehearsal, the four guys found out that they would have to dance without their partners for 20 seconds. Loved the Magic Mike section of the routine. Even though there were moments when they didn’t seem to be in sync, It was obvious the boys had a good time.

Score: Carrie Ann-8, Nick-9, Len-8, Bruno-8; Total: 33

Team Girl Group
Groups: Chiffons, TLC, Fifth Harmony

Photo Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

The girls kicked booty. But the judges seem mixed on how they did. Carrie Ann was underwhelmed. Maybe they could have not done the silly beginning but they made it a party.

Score: Carrie Ann-8, Nick-9, Len-8, Bruno-9; Total: 34

The Elimination

The first couple safe: Simone & Sasha. Also safe to dance another week: Normani & Val. It came down to Nancy & Artem and Heather & Maks.

Photo Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

The couple leaving the ballroom: Heather & Maks. The audience went nuts that they were going home.

Photo Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

I have to say I thought Heather was unfairly judged because of her past dance experience. Should Heather have been on the show in the first place? Probably not but she was and I feel that she had a target on her back the whole time. They made the decision to have her on the show so the powers that be needed to make sure she was treated like everyone else.

Favorite Quotes

Photo Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

Simone: “Sexy is stretching it.”
Carrie Ann: “You were in sync, bad choice of words…”
Tom: “You know I always wondered where the furniture from Mad Men ended up.”
Len: “Too long in the cage….do you want me to go on Tom.”
Nick: “I’m more relatable with coffee.”
Len: “I wasn’t feeling any good vibrations.”
Tom: “Little hostile applause from you people there!”
David: “Oh my nipple.”
David: “I haven’t dropped her all week. I was trying to be sensual and sexual and I don’t think it came off too good.”
Tom: “Let there be light!”

One other thing, I really think that the band is a problem. Back when they had a full orchestra there weren’t the issues that they are having with the current band: Tempo too fast, off-key singing, things like that. But that’s only an opinion.

Next week’s theme is a night at the movies! Who will go next? Do you feel that Heather should have been the one to go? Especially after receiving the first perfect score of the season? Don’t forget to vote! See you on Monday.

Dancing with the Stars airs Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC..

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