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12 Monkeys S3 Premiere and S4 Renewal News 

Photo Credit: Terry Matalas

Well, that’s different. Eight months to the day that we last saw our beloved 12 Monkeys crew, the series got its Season 3 slot on Syfy today. Taking a page from the miniseries days of yore, it’ll air as a binge of sorts, across three nights beginning Friday, May 19th. On top of that, Season 4 was announced for 2018, but with no fixed number of episodes yet. This is fantastic because it will allow co-creator and showrunner Terry Matalas to control the narrative until its completion, on his terms.

While a mini-marathon is a unique way to air a whole new season vs. a single-day, whole-season Netflix/Hulu/Amazon drop or ten individual weeks, I’m totally down with it because we get all of them in one go with a little breather between. There’s no bullshit about dragging it out and no wringing our hands worrying about the ratings or will it be renewed.

We can just soak ourselves in the story and look forward to one more year, stress-free (ish). The series’ structure all along has lent itself to the miniseries format, which I grew up on and wholly embrace. Once upon a time, Syfy was even the gold standard for them (see OG Battlestar Galactica and Steven Spielberg’s Taken).

Photo Credit: Terry Matalas

The challenge will be keeping the timelines and players straight but 12 Monkeys fans are smart cookies, so I know we can do this, easy peasy. Matalas has been very good about sharing behind the scenes pics on Twitter and it definitely looks like we’re in for some time tripping through previously unvisited decades. We can’t wait!

Here’s what the key players had to say about the tandem announcement.

“Universal Cable Productions and Syfy have given us the opportunity to tell an ambitious, emotional story with a beginning, middle and an end, if not always in that order. I couldn’t be more grateful for their faith and support,” said Matalas. “Like our fans who may want to turn their clocks ahead to see what we’ve got in store, I only wish I could turn mine back to relive this incredible experience over again.”

12 Monkeys has a dedicated and enthusiastic fan-base thanks to the epic storytelling by Terry Matalas, and the stellar cast and crew,” said Jeff Wachtel, President, Chief Content Officer, NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment. “We are thrilled to be able to offer fans an opportunity to binge the third season as a reward for their lasting support, and we couldn’t be more excited to see where Terry takes us with the final chapter of this fabulous story in the fourth season.”

“With its time-twisting themes and edge-of-your-seat storyline, 12 Monkeys is the perfect show to air this way,” said Chris McCumber, President, Entertainment Networks, NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment. “It’s grown into a world well beyond the original film, and after seeing the creative strength of Season 3, we couldn’t wait to pick it up for a fourth season.”

Season 3 will pick up with Cole and Cassie still in pursuit of The Witness, and the existing cast will be joined by new players, including sci-fi icon Christopher Lloyd, Hannah Waddingham (Game of Thrones), Faran Tahir (Iron Man) and James Callis (Battlestar Galactica).

Photo Credit: Terry Matalas

12 Monkeys returns (307 days after its second season finale) on Friday, May 19th, with episodes 1-4 beginning at 8 pm E. Episodes 5-7 will air Saturday, May 20th, at 8 pm E, and episodes 8-10 will air Sunday, May 21st at 8 pm E. Here’s a sneak peek.

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