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Black Sails Preview: “XXXV” 

Black Sails Preview: “XXXV”

Governor Rogers wanted Nassau razed to the ground, and he got his wish and then some. Having lost Eleanor, he’s in a deep downward spiral that even Mrs. Hudson may not be able to pull him from. The Spanish are gone, his forces have regained control, and he’s already begun to set his next move into motion. Using prisoners to his advantage, Rodgers strikes yet another blow that is sure to force more cracks in the pirate collective. “XXXV’s” unsettling tone precisely pours salt in fresh wounds, leaving viewers in pain and with an acute desire for vengeance regardless of which side they’ve chosen to pledge their loyalty. Black Sails is firmly in the home stretch of what promises to be a gut-wrenching end.

Governor Woodes Rogers Luke Arnold Black Sails S4E7
Photo Credit: Starz

Everyone has suffered heavy loss at this point in the war for New Providence Island, but Rogers loss of Eleanor and their unborn child has served to further solidify his status as villain. When a betrayal is brought to light, he begins to play dirty once more in order to tighten his grip on the island. However, things move so quickly in this unstable climate, that he scarcely has a moment of peace to mourn over his wife’s lifeless body. Max’s words from “XXXIV” echo in the audience’s minds here as his despair is summed up succinctly. “How could we all have sacrificed so much, and none of us has anything to show for it?” No one, no side, no cause is immune from this one observation. However, that does not mean that everyone is on a level playing field.

“What happens when your enemy realizes that all it needs to do to defeat us is to take away [our] common cause? Turn one against the other. And when that happens, as it is all but certain to do, which of us standing here are likely to benefit, and which the ones thrown back into their chains?”

Julius may have helped Silver and his men escape the Underhill estate, but that doesn’t mean he believes that he and his people have found allies in the pirates. Even though Billy was handed to them on a platter, Julius does not see the same future for himself as the pirates do for the island. In the clip above, he wastes no words sugar coating the dire situation that is upon them and believes that fighting an unimaginable force is not in his best interest. While Silver and Flint put up a strong front, Silver is obviously still reeling from Madi’s death.

This grief is territory that Flint is all too familiar with after Miranda’s death. Will the two masterminds be able to keep it together long enough to see this war to an end? “XXXV” does not answer this question, but decisions will be made that are quite self-serving instead of with the whole in mind. The pain of a lost lover has previously driven the men of Black Sails to ugly things, and with two more now suffering such loss, viewers will yet again see how heartbreak can cripple a man to the point of desperation.

While the pirates and Rogers are regrouping with their singular focus on one island, Jack and Max have sailed up the coast to meet with Eleanor’s grandfather. The group struggles with more than just the frigid weather upon arrival, and the trip leaves us wondering if the journey was fruitful given what transpires.

Black Sails “XXXV” is intrigue at its finest; where every party is working on misinformation and half truths that build tension to the boiling point. How much is Silver willing to give for the thing he’s decided he wants above all else? Flint? Rogers? Rackham?

Tune in for a gripping Black Sails on Sunday, March 12th, at 9/8c on Starz.

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