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We Need to Know: Will VH1’s Hit the Floor Return for Season 4? 

We Need to Know: Will VH1’s Hit the Floor Return for Season 4?
Hit the Floor Cast
Photo Credit: VH1

After watching the Hit the Floor: ‘Til Death Do Us Part special, I have one question. Will the VH1 series return for a fourth season?

UPDATE:  Great news, everyone! Hit the Floor will be returning for a fourth season. The show is on the move, however. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the VH1 series is making a jump to one of its Viacom sister channels, BET.  We approve. Big time. Thanks for the heads up, Shelly!

UPDATE #2: This was announced a while back, but there is a premiere date for season four of Hit the Floor. It’ll touch down on BET on July 10.

Meet the Cast (and be warned: there are some cast changes)

Because the one-hour episode felt final thanks to the Derek/Ahsha wedding along with the fact the newlyweds headed off to Miami to lord over the basketball team and the dancers in that city.

Beyond the #DershaWedding, we found out who shot Jelena. It was Sloane. However, the only consequence Sloane will be dealing with is her pesky conscience. Jelena’s said she’s not going to turn her in. I’m like Sloane. I am unsure of whether the woman means it or not. Maybe she’s keeping the secret because she knows how much damage and destruction she’s caused Sloane and her family. She also said she won’t use it to blackmail Sloane. Can she be trusted to keep this secret?

The end felt like everything was wrapped up all nice and tidy, don’t you think? Derek’s gone so guess whose stint as “Team Bitch” never unfolded? Yes, Zero’s the It Guy on the court per Jelena’s orders. Jude is an executive vice president. The two get their house (and that wonderfully spacious shower). And Kyle is now captain of the Devil Girls.

Speaking of Kyle, she understands how very non-maternal she is so even though Raquel’s son, Miguel, was back in the picture, she knew she couldn’t take him in. Saving him from life in a foster home falls to Jelena.

Lionel and Pete’s plan to frame Oscar for attempted murder did help Lionel get out of her creepy marriage. She makes the story go away where law enforcement is concerned and she gets a D-I-V-O-R-C-E. Oscar’s supposed to leave Jude alone, too. I do love how Lionel and Jude have each other’s backs. Well, as long as it doesn’t get in the way of Zero and Jude, that is.

You see how it all looks like the story’s over? I’m wondering if the show does get a fourth season if there will be lots of changes or if it’ll just continue the story as is.

I did feel a little better after reading creator James LaRosa’s tweet. Just a little.

Let’s hope there’s more in store for Hit the Floor on VH1. I worry a tiny bit because the actors on this show are in demand. They’re always popping up in other things. Take a look:

Logan Browning is going to be one of the leads in the new Netflix series, Dear White People. Plus she recently appeared in Starz’s Survivor’s Remorse. Her other project, Playstation’s Power was canceled, however.

McKinley Freeman has signed on to VH1’s upcoming scripted show, Daytime Divas.

According to his Instagram account, Robert Christopher Riley is working on the second season of WGN’s Underground. Very curious to see who he is going to be playing.

Dean Cain‘s Supergirl character is not so dead after all. So he’s bound to make some guest star appearances on the now CW series. At least, that’s my hope. It feels like one of the storylines dangling from the first season will need his presence in Season 2.

Thankfully, with shortened seasons and guest star stints, actors can work on multiple TV/streaming projects. Like, I said, I’m only worried a little bit.

Other burning questions from Hit the Floor: ‘Til Death Do Us Part:

  • How in the world did Jelena perfectly walk around on heels as if she didn’t just get shot and she wasn’t in pain? She must be bulletproof and badass.
  • Terrence was in the beginning of the special a little but then he disappeared. Why wasn’t he at Derek’s wedding? And why wasn’t there at least one scene between him and Jelena?
  • How much did I want to actually see a Derek vs. Jelena rivalry jumpstart in this special? It was leaning towards that way then Jelena changed her mind and let Derek and Ahsha go to Miami. I wouldn’t mind seeing those two try to outwit, outlast and outplay the other someday.
  • How amazing was every scene with Zero and Jude?

Let’s hope we find our some good news regarding VH1’s Hit the Floor sooner rather than later.

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  1. Robert

    Let me know someone when the next season of hit the floor is coming please

  2. Kiwana

    Let me know also we need hit the floor back on air

    1. Tangela

      Bring back hit the floor please

  3. Lazander

    I want to know when hit floor coming back

  4. Step

    I think VH1 suck for this…can another station pick up hit the floor?…we got all these dumb shows out as soon as we get something worth watching we get stupid people that dnt know how to keep it going.

    1. Felisha

      I agree its really unbelievable.


      Hit the floor will be returning! Not on Vh1 but on BET!!! I dnt care who takes the show, as long as it’s cmng back!!! Spread the word!!!

  5. Addy

    Pls when s hit the floor season 4 comin back???

    1. Tina Charles

      So far VH1 hasn’t given any word on a new season of Hit the Floor, unfortunately. I have no idea what’s taking so long. I hope we hear something soon.

  6. Tracie

    Is there going to be a season 4 of hit the floor

  7. Kala

    Where is Hit The Floor?
    I’m missing this show like crazy.

  8. shania

    let me know when season 4 coming out please thank you

  9. Gena Martin

    Please let us know when season 4 of Hitler The Floor is returning.

  10. Mitacha

    Looking forward to season 4…any updates as to when it will air?

    1. Tina Charles

      No updates yet. As soon as I hear something I’ll let you guys know.

  11. Alasan sey

    I Really need the season 4.. Missin my derek

    1. Tina Charles

      I feel your pain. I wish we could hear something, anything from VH1.

  12. Barbara

    Please notify me when Hit The Floor is scheduled to return. I Love that show!!!

  13. Destiny

    I want hit the floor to return also it was a good show good shows should be kept on the ear all these garbage shows are out now where are the good shows

  14. Destiny

    I want hit the floor to return also it was a good show good shows should be kept on the air. All these garbage shows are out now where are the good shows

    1. Tina Charles

      I want Hit the Floor to return too. Hope to hear news sooner rather than later. Who knows at this point.
      Here’s some potentially bad news, however.
      The actor who plays Terrence has signed on as a series regular on the Dynasty reboot on the CW. Deadline has the story:

  15. deb

    Why does VH-1 continue to cancel shows with no advance notice? I am really getting sick of VH1. At least give your viewers some type of notice that there may be an issue with renewal of their favorite shows. Your ratings are going to drop drastically if you don’t stop cancelling shows without letting the fans know.

  16. markeisha

    Y’all need to bring it back for season 4 so we cann see what between Dersha

  17. Yahsharri

    Miss the dancing and the clash between Asha and Ulana… Man am I heart broken???

  18. Missy

    Need to show “Hit the Floor”. The show itself (shows girls an active way to show up & keep fit. And, it’s fun to watch!

  19. janice singson

    im a big fan of zude…cant wait season 4….hope this year.more zude…..

  20. Tangela

    Please bring back hit the floor great show

  21. Delois

    The same way I have to have my other Sitcoms and Reality Tv shows is just as much for Hit The Floor. Empire, GreenLeaf, If Loving You is Wrong, Have and the Have nots, GreenLeaf, Black InkCrew, Married2Med, BasketballwivesLA-Miama & LA women, Love and Hip Hop New York & ATL. Last but definitely not least Watch What Happens Live. Can’t forget about Dish Nation. Many more I did not intend to miss I’m sure..

  22. Felisha

    I cant believe there not going to bring hit the floor back. It was one of my top favorite shows. Like i loved all the actors jalena tho that logan browning was my girl i hope too see more of the show it was so intense. Sloane never.played no games.

  23. Jessica

    Please tell me when season 4 of hit the floor comes on

  24. Nadjiaaustin

    Looking for Season 4 Hit the floor

  25. Jennifer Simpkins

    Please let it come back I love this show I need it to come back

    1. Diane phillips

      I love this show to and ready for next session BET supposed to pick it up but they still not saying when

  26. Mary Gilmore

    I am hopeful that this show comes back. I love it!!!

    1. Tina Charles

      The show is returning but it won’t be on VH1. It’ll be on BET. 🙂

  27. Joy Timmons

    Jelena was evil and bad, but the doctor told her should not have children is a bad doctor. She needs to get a second opinion from a better doctor. There are women who have endometriosis and still get pregnant. I also though Jelena did not want children in the first place. There are many things you can do to get rid of endometriosis. Consume healthy diets, exercise, take healthy supplements, reduce stress, be patient, prepare your body first, stay positive, and go to a naturopathic doctor. I believe Jelena can still have children, even if it takes her longer than ever. Who knows she will get pregnant by the last season and episode of Hit the Floor. Plus, women do not do anything terrible like surgery so you can increase getting pregnant and have a healthy baby. If I was in the same situation, I would do things I just mentioned earlier. But, women need to focus on getting rid of endometriosis or other problems first and then focus on being pregnant. I do not do surrogate, abortion, tubes tides, and blame age either.

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