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Ballers Preview: “Elidee” 

Ballers Preview: “Elidee”
Ballers -- Elidee, Dwayne Johnson solo
Photo Credit: HBO

WARNING: Spoilers

On HBO’s Ballers, Spencer’s headed for a world of trouble in more ways than one.

First source of trouble: those painkillers. He’s hurt and it seems like he’s relying on those babies a tad too much. The second source of trouble: Andre Allen. Last week, Spencer poached one of Andre’s clients — Terrell Suggs. He may have taken some pleasure in firing Andre, even though Joe tried to caution his coworker. Okay, he took more than “some” pleasure. Way more.

Time will tell as to which source has the potential to cause Spencer more hurt. (Although, honestly we think it’ll be Andre) There has to be consequences to his actions. In tonight’s episode, he starts to feel the burn.

Synopsis for “Elidee”

Ballers -- Elidee, Rob Corddry solo
Photo Credit: HBO

Spencer advises a reluctant Vernon to stay quiet when the truth behind his injury threatens his career. Trying to stave off Andre’s attacks on their business, Spencer and Joe (Rob Corddry) butt heads over how best to advise a client. Charles worries whether he’s up for a challenge. A hard-to-impress Ricky takes a trip to tour a potential new home.


Ballers, Elidee, Omar Benson Miller
Photo Credit: HBO
  • Just consider Spencer a firefighter because in “Elidee” he has to deal with putting out a few fires. At the same time, he has to deal with his pain
  • Andre makes his presence (and deviousness) known
  • Charles contemplates his suggested career shift on the field. Can he find it within himself to play right tackle?
  • Vernon (Donovan Carter) must deal with the consequences of his paintball injury
  •  Ricky wants love and respect as he looks for a team to pay up for his talents. Will he get it?

One Last Tease: The end of the episode features one of our favorite moments of the series so far. It’s an uplifting,  make-you-smile-hard kind of moment. You don’t get too many like these on this show.

Photo Credit: HBO
Photo Credit: HBO

Congrats are in order. Ballers will be back for a third season. “Elidee” airs tonight at 10/9c on HBO.

Inside Episode 2

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