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The SYTYCD All-Stars Critique the First Live Show and Talk The Next Generation [Exclusive] 

Photo Credit: Adam Rose/FOX
Photo Credit: Adam Rose/FOX

As you already know, I wasn’t sure about the twist this season when it was first announced. For whatever reason, I didn’t think I’d be interested in watching kids ages 8 – 13 dance. But I decided to give the Season 13 premiere a shot and I’m so glad I did. The talent these kids possess is pretty amazing and I was happy with every single performance I watched during the first live show.

I was on the press line with all the talent after last night’s show. Unfortunately I didn’t get to talk to everyone, but I got some really great insight from some of this seasons all-stars.

My favorite performance of the night was J.T. and Robert’s piece. It made me so emotional and hopefully validated J.T., who may have been struggling a little. He’s so small, but he’s such a powerhouse. I know I wasn’t entirely convinced that Robert made the right decision when he picked J.T., but all my reservations have been erased. Wow.

Another one of my favorites — although, let’s be clear; all these kids are amazing and I’m rooting for all of them — is Tate. Her technique is stunning and I feel like I could watch her dance all day.

Kathryn and Tate’s Performance:

Tahani is like a little ray of sunshine and like Comfort, I wasn’t sure if she’s have enough edge for the show. Or maybe not edge, but that certain something that would show through her technique and make her an exciting dancer to watch. She definitely put my fears to rest with her first performance.

Comfort and Tahani’s Performance:

Kathryn and Comfort:

I think I’ve been a Kida fan since his audition. I love that he’s paired up with Fik-Shun and I anticipate this being a great partnership.

Fik-Shun and Kida’s Performance:


What can I say about Emma other than I love her? I don’t remember his exact words, but I liked what Nigel said about tap. With this particular dance style I do rely on the judges opinions to know whether or not the performance was great. I mean, it looks good to me but I don’t feel well-versed enough to really know what I’m talking about.

Gaby and Emma’s Performance:


I’m bummed Joshua won’t be in the live shows, but I love Marko so I’m not too sad. The thing about the Academy though, was that the all-stars chose their dancers based on chemistry and how they thought they could develop them. I mean, I think Sheaden’s in great hands and I’m looking forward to seeing what Marko brings out in him.

Marko and Sheaden’s Performance:


I love all the all-stars, but Sahsa is one of my favorites. I think she’s an exciting and extremely talented dancer. So when she chose Jordan, I got excited. I mean, I was already excited because I thought Jordan was talented. But I already feel like Sahsa has brought so much out in her.

Sasha and Jordan’s Performance:


Who are your favorites? Which performances did you love? Did you vote?

SYTYCD: The Next Generation airs Mondays at 8/7c on FOX.

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