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McKenzie Westmore Talks Face Off Season 10 and Previews “Sinister Showdown: Part 2” [Exclusive] 

McKenzie Westmore Talks Face Off Season 10 and Previews “Sinister Showdown: Part 2” [Exclusive]
Photo Credit: Jordin Althaus/Syfy
Photo Credit: Jordin Althaus/Syfy
Photo Credit: Jordin Althaus/Syfy

Last week’s screen tests went well for everyone except Rob. Melissa and Walter worked really well with their teams and both their directors seemed happy with their work. Rob had a great team and put out makeups he liked, but he got so many notes from his director. In “Sinister Showdown: Part 2,” we see all three teams make the necessary changes to their looks and then make adjustments on set in between takes. Who will win it all? I have my favorite, but you’ll have to tune in to see who wins it all.

In this sneak peek, Melissa puts her looks together and takes direction on-set as her director gives notes:

I had the chance to talk to host McKenzie Westmore last week about all things Season 10 including her favorite challenges, her input with the judges and what to expect in Part 2 of the finale.

Photo Credit: Jordin Althaus/Syfy
Photo Credit: Jordin Althaus/Syfy

TV GOODNESS: It’s probably not fair to ask you to compare artists from different reasons, but I’m going to ask you to anyway. What has made the Season 10 group different?

McKenzie Westmore:
“Every season, somehow, we are able to keep topping it more and more, which blows my mind. This season, it’s a lot of newcomers. I mean, it’s always newcomers, but I would say it’s people who are very new to the industry. It’s fascinating to see our final as it [kicked] off [last week], the top 3 that it came down to.

I think this is probably one of the seasons both my dad and I — usually we can figure it out half way through — this really was such a tough one. We could not figure it out for the longest time, who was gonna be the top 3.”

TV GOODNESS: That’s exciting though because you don’t want it to be predictable.

McKenzie: “Exactly.”

TV GOODNESS: And I don’t think the show is at all. I’m always really happy with the challenges and the artists and everything.

McKenzie: “Yeah. We had some great challenges this season, some great guests. It was such a fun, action-packed season.”

Photo Credit: Jordin Althaus/Syfy
Photo Credit: Jordin Althaus/Syfy

TV GOODNESS: Actually, let’s talk about that. What have been your favorite challenges and/or guest judges from Season 10?

McKeznie: “Let me think back really quick. I would have to say definitely, I think it was Episode 2; we had Pee-Wee Herman, Paul Reubens. I’ve been a huge fan of his since I was a kid and that was just such a cool honor to have him on set. I loved that challenge, too.

I always love when we do whimsical challenges. They’re fun for the audience, they’re fun for us. It adds some levity. I mean, I love a good horror [challenge], but there’s always something fun when we do the whimsical.”

Photo Credit: Jordin Althaus/Syfy
Photo Credit: Jordin Althaus/Syfy

TV GOODNESS: What was the most exciting reveal on the reveal stage? What were you most excited to see come to life?

McKenzie: “Probably when they had to take the eyes and create the cyclops. That was a really fun reveal. That was a great one and another great guest.

Photo Credit: Jordin Althaus/Syfy
Photo Credit: Jordin Althaus/Syfy

‘The World of Warcraft,’ obviously that was another unbelievable one. There were so many good ones this season. It’s so hard to pick out one that was a great reveal because I felt like they were. I thought they all did a great job. Every challenge shocked me. I was like, ‘How did they come up with that?’ It’s always a surprise and it’s always a treat.

I will say with the finale, I think the fans are gonna be really pleased with [the] episodes. It’s a two-parter and I think the fans are gonna be really excited with what they’re gonna see. I love what we’re doing with the horror genre.”

TV GOODNESS: Seeing you and your Dad go around the lab every week, talking to the artists and giving them feedback, has been really fun. Can you talk about that?

McKenzie: “I feel so lucky and so blessed that part of my job is to work with my Dad. He’s just a great guy overall and we have such fun together.

My Dad is so fully invested in making sure that these artists are really up to where they need to be and where he sees that they all have the potential to go to. There’s so much we do in that lab walk-thru that the viewer doesn’t see because there’s just not enough time. We’re in there for a couple of hours with them and it’s cut down to maybe 5, 10 minutes for timing purposes, obviously.

But there’s so much incredible advice that I love listening to my Dad give to these artists and really treating them as if it was his own class or his own kids and making sure they’re excelling to the best of their ability.”

Photo Credit: Jordin Althaus/Syfy
Photo Credit: Jordin Althaus/Syfy

TV GOODNESS: It’s fun to watch. When I talked to Walter, Melissa and Rob they really value that time, so I hope he knows that.

McKenzie: “I’ll definitely tell him that. That’s so sweet.”

TV GOODNESS: I also love that you’re in on the discussions with the judges as they talk about the best and worst looks each week. How much input do you have during those discussions?

McKenzie: “A certain amount, but we really try to keep what happens in the lab not really to the knowledge of the judges. They are looking at it from the viewpoint of what they have right then and there. What are they seeing right in front of them, on-camera, off-camera, in-person and then hearing from the artists themselves, not just hearsay from me. It’s more from the artists point-of-view and challenges they ran into.”

TV GOODNESS: You’re in a pretty unique position because you do see both sides, which is great. I’m wondering if there’s anything you feel comfortable sharing that we might not know about the artists.

McKenzie: “Gosh. That’s so hard to say. I don’t think there’s anything. All three are very sweet, all three very deserving. There’s nothing I can think of except they’re just all three amazingly wonderful, kind and talented artists.”

Photo Credit: Jordin Althaus/Syfy
Photo Credit: Jordin Althaus/Syfy

TV GOODNESS: What can you tease about Part 2 of the finale?

McKenzie: “I would say it continues on. Where is this horror genre going to go? The fans are gonna be thrilled and excited to see how this develops into what exactly they have to do for a horror challenge and the vignette that they’re gonna have to create in the realm of horror and with Jason Blum.

You see Jason Blum with us and he’s a member of the judging panel for the final. It’s incredible to have somebody of his caliber and his talent in the horror film industry be part of this. It really is a huge coup for us.”

TV GOODNESS: What can you tell me about Season 11?

McKenzie: I wish I knew. I wish I could say. That’ll be another interview, hopefully.”

Edited for space and content.

“Sinister Showdown: Part 2” airs Wednesday, April 13th at 9/8c on Syfy. Want to read my Q&As with the finalists? Click here for Melissa, here for Walter and here for Rob.

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