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The Operatives Preview: “Lawless Loggers Part 1” [+ Exclusive Clip] 

Photo Credit: Pivot
Photo Credit: Pivot

Are you watching Pivot’s environmental adventure series The Operatives? Famed eco-warrior Pete Bethune and his hand-picked team of military elite travel to the furthest parts of the world to expose those suspected of endangering our wildlife and environment. Pete and his team of hard-core conservationists are doing their part to preserve wildlife, oceans, forests and anything else under the threat of collapse or extinction.

Here’s the Season 2 Trailer:

“Lawless Loggers Part 1” episode synopsis, from Pivot:

The Operatives travel to Sumatra, Indonesia to expose alleged illegal logging operations that destroy protected forests. Armed with a camera, the team faces the supposed illegal loggers in one of the most remote jungles in the world.

Exclusive Clip:

The Operatives airs Sundays at 10/9c on Pivot.

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