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The Walking Dead “JSS” 

The Walking Dead managed to one up its phenomenal season premiere with an episode even more action-packed and intense. In “JSS,” we watched the citizens of Alexandria find their idyllic world destroyed by the intrusion of the Wolves.

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Before all the mayhem began, we flashed back to the day Enid lost her parents to some walkers. She was left to wander alone surviving by hiding in cars and eating defenseless little turtles. Wherever Enid went, she marked her surroundings with the letters “JSS.” Later in the episode, as the chaos was in full swing, Enid came over to say goodbye to Carl. She knew Alexandria was done for and not safe anymore. After slipping away, Carl found a note saying, “Just survive somehow.”

It’s apparent Enid came up with this mantra for herself after her losing her parents. Sometimes we need a reminder to keep going even when times get tough. I actually quite like that saying. It not only applies to the zombie apocalypse, but it’s also relatable for everyday life. I’m glad we got more context on Enid. A lot of people suspected she was a spy for the Wolves, but I don’t think so anymore. I think she’s just a survivor who knows when it’s time to move on.

Now onto the rest of the episode. After Enid’s flashback, we arrived back to the present where Rick and the others went off to handle the hoard of walkers. The people who stayed back in Alexandria were continuing their daily routines. Carol was continuing her homemaker facade, Carl was about to show Gabriel how to use weapons, Maggie and Deanna were discussing the expansion, Jessie was trying to get Ron to talk to her, and Tara and Eugene met with Denise, the psychiatrist newly appointed as the community’s doctor.

Then the mayhem began as the Wolves came out of nowhere and started slaughtering people left and right. This was a moment I’ve been waiting for because it made Carol come out of her disguise and return to the fighter that she is. If there’s a crisis, I want to be wherever Carol is. She makes the tough decisions before the moment has passed and it’s too late.

Morgan, on the other hand, wanted to take down the bad guys, without really taking them down. I love Morgan, but his method simply won’t work in this world. People like the Wolves don’t listen to “please” or want to reason with anyone. Morgan seemed mad at Carol for doing what, frankly, needed to be done. Morgan doesn’t even want to hold a gun. These Wolves seem beyond crazy. They sound like an anarchist collective. Even when surrounded by a group of them, Morgan chose to set these lunatics free. If I was watching correctly, one of the Wolves grabbed a gun on their way out. Not good!

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

While the people were dying on their pristine lawns, Denise was freaking out about how to save one of her people. She never finished medical school, but Tara and Eugene urged her to do anything she could to save the dying woman. Unfortunately, her efforts were worthless. The woman died, and Denise looked like she needed a stiff drink.

Elsewhere, Jessie was in full-blown mama bear mode when the Wolves entered her home. After panicking about Ron’s whereabouts, she locked herself and Sam in the closet. When she left to find Ron, one of the Wolves attacked her. Armed with a pair of hair-cutting scissors, she mercilessly stabbed the intruder to death. Jessie stepping up to the plate was another moment I was waiting for. She reminds me a lot of Carol, and I think she has the potential to become a strong fighter like her.

Outside the walls, Spencer was doing his best to shoot the incoming Wolves. When he took out the driver of a semi truck, it crashed into the walls causing the truck’s horn to blare out. Thus we learned what that sound was that Rick and the others heard at the end of the premiere. Spencer showed promise, but his fear took over when he ran into Morgan and Morgan wanted them to go inside. Luckily he wasn’t alone, and Deanna wanted to remain outside as well, while Maggie went in to help.

Many Alexandrians died during the hour, but none of the major players. As the Wolves dispersed, Carol was left tearing up, holding a pack of cigarettes her dead neighbor was smoking earlier. Aaron realized one of the backpacks a Wolf had been carrying was the one he had left behind. Inside the backpack was Aaron’s blueprints and pictures of Alexandria. Aaron will definitely feel guilty and responsible for this attack. Morgan fought one more Wolf (the same one we met last season). The Wolf taunted him about not being able to kill him. Morgan apologized before hitting him with his stick. But did he kill him?

Thoughts and Questions

  • Will Morgan rethink his approach if the Wolves he let go come back for more?
  • When will Carol and Morgan have a confrontation about their differing viewpoints on how to handle dangerous people?
  • How quickly will Rick and the others return to find Alexandria in shambles?
  • Should everyone pack up and leave since the Wolves know where they are and there’s a hoard of walkers heading towards Alexandria?

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.

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