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Please Like Me Season 3 Premiere Preview: “Eggplant” 

Photo Credit: Pivot
Photo Credit: Pivot

We’re with Josh. We don’t really want him to be “just friends” with Arnold. However, it’s pretty funny to watch Josh work himself into a tizzy trying to determine what’s so wrong with him that no one — including Arnold — wants to date him. Maybe part of the problem is that Josh has a very small circle of friends, who all happen to have serious relationship issues. Will Josh, Tom or Claire find love this season?!

“Eggplant” synopsis, from Pivot:

Josh is surprised to find he’s living in a romcom. Despite grand romantic gestures, elaborate dates and barely edible vegetarian meals, he still can’t seem to get Arnold to commit to being his boyfriend. Even the lure of adorable new baby chickens doesn’t seem to be getting him across the line. As he seeks counsel from his bipolar Mum, well-meaning-but-distracted Dad, no-nonsense, de facto stepmother Mae, and romantically hopeless friends Tom, Claire and Hannah, Josh rides a romantic roller coaster that looks like it’s headed for a lonely destination… unless a last-minute stunt can turn things around.

3 Teases from the episode:

  • We get to know Arnold a little bit better, but in an unexpected way
  • There’s naked bath time with an unlikely pairing
  • Love Actually

The Season 3 premiere of Please Like Me airs Friday, October 16th at 10/9c on Pivot.

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