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Expedition Unknown Season 2 Preview [Exclusive Clip] 

Photo Credit: Travel Channel
Photo Credit: Travel Channel

You had us at King Arthur. We think there’s a small (or big) part of all of us that loves this enduring legend, but what’s the real story of King Arthur? The story of Arthur has only grown — and been more romanticized — over the years. So, when we heard that the Season 2 premiere of Expedition Unknown would dig into his origins, we were so intrigued.

Photo Credit: Travel Channel
Photo Credit: Travel Channel

“The Quest for King Arthur” Synopsis, from Travel Channel:

In the season two premiere, host Josh Gates travels to England, Wales and Scotland to explore one of the greatest legends of all time – King Arthur. The King of the Britons has been celebrated and written about for more than 1,500 years – Arthur, the wizard Merlin and the Knights of the Round Table are among some of the most filmed characters in cinematic history. But was King Arthur real and if so, who was he? Gates begins his quest for answers at Tintagel Castle in Cornwall, where archaeologist Win Scutt reveals a stone with a mysterious 5th century inscription that may be a link to the king’s existence. Next, he heads to Wales to dig into the legend that Arthur was sealed in a cave with his knights by Merlin. Gates meets up with two cave experts and together they descend into the caverns, searching for evidence. But with hundreds of miles of underground caves, the exploration is daunting and dangerous. Continuing onto Scotland, he investigates a groundbreaking new theory: King Arthur was actually a Scottish chieftain named Arthur MacAedan. Lawyer and author Adam Ardrey demonstrates a real-life historical connection to the sword in the stone tale, and takes Gates to examine a location he believes may hold the ruins of a 5th century fort that once served as Arthur’s administrative capital.

Sneak Peek:

Exclusive Clip:

Season 2 of Expedition Unknown premieres Wednesday, October 7th at 9/8c on Travel Channel.

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