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Ties That Bind Preview: “The Whole Picture” 

Photo Credit: UP Television
Photo Credit: UP Television

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

One of the reasons I divorced ABC Family years ago was the premature cancellation of Kyle XY, although my rational self fully realizes if that had not happened, there would have been no The Vampire Diaries. Still, I miss Kyle XY, and while on its face, it was a fish out water story about a mysterious young man adopted into a family, it was also a really solid family drama. It’s sort of fitting that all these years later, one of its stars, Kirsten Prout, drops by Ties That Bind, which is a worthy successor to that earlier series.

Photo Credit: UP Television
Photo Credit: UP Television

In this week’s episode, Prout plays a star soccer player (timely!) who’s hauled in by Allison during a traffic stop gone wrong, and it’s a she said/she said debacle hindered by a witness videotape that only shows part of the arrest. The episode also has a suspended Allison at home getting into Rachel’s personal life when Cameron’s friend Chris shows an interest in her.

Ties That Bind airs at 9/8c on UP Television. One programming note — I’m interviewing Jonathan Scarfe on Friday. In addition to his current role here, he also headlines a new film, Love on the Air, opposite Alison Sweeney this weekend on Hallmark Channel. Hit me in the comments if you have any questions for him.

Click here for a sneak peek of “The Whole Story.”

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