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Moment of Goodness

Two Moments of Goodness: Relationships Repaired in Continuum “Lost Hours” 

Photo Credit: Showcase
Photo Credit: Showcase

One of the things I’ve so loved about Continuum is its friendships, and that in this very far-flung world, Kiera found solid allies in Alec and Carlos, without any pesky romances tossed into the mix.

Those relationships took a hit last season, when Kiera returned to two Alecs, and Carlos was weirdly fixated on the death of the first Kiera. It was a lot. Thankfully, by the time we got to the (most excellent) finale last season, Kiera and the right Alec were reconciled and Carlos had made peace with this Kiera being the only one in his world

In the fourth season premiere, those friendships are not only intact, but stronger.

Photo Credit: Showcase
Photo Credit: Showcase

Kiera and Alec immediately have to deal with the dual wrinkles of her unintentionally inviting a bunch of future soldiers into the present, and him being bested by Kellog and bounced out of Piron. When Kiera’s initial confrontation with the soldiers knocks her out cold and sends her into a CMR sim where she sees future Alec and her son, she realizes that she still desperately wants to go home, regardless of what she told Brad in the finale.

She confides this in Alec, and he says he’ll do whatever he can to get her home. And they go a step further with that trust when she lets him back into her head–telling him to turn his link to her CMR back on. As a fan since day one, that felt like a huge decision to me, and I loved it. Part of the reason they were both so rudderless last season was because they didn’t have each other. Now, no matter what, they do. Love that.

Carlos is still in a position of power at work while the captain recovers (I really thought he had not survived), and he has to walk a fine line of allowing Kiera to participate in his investigations without actually being formally attached to the department anymore. They go see Kellog and she zaps one of his henchman with her suit and he just chuckles that that never gets old. He’s missed being her partner, and they fall right back into the rhythms that make them to great together.

When they get a quiet moment later in his office, he tells her she’s been different since she blacked out, and she admits that she wants to go home, that she has to believe that path still exists. They share his flask, and he tells her he won’t be happy to see her go, but he’ll wholly support her. They toast to going home and she puts her hand on his ankle, which is propped up across his knee, and he puts his hand over hers. They sit and smile at each other against the backdrop of a city where they have a shared present but most likely a separate past and future.

I do so love this show. Continuum airs Fridays at 11/10c on Syfy.

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