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Human Resources Preview: “Kid N’Playground” [+ Exclusive Clip] 

Photo Credit: Jason DeCrow/Pivot
Photo Credit: Jason DeCrow/Pivot

TerraCycle founder Tom thinks he’s ready for the impending birth of his child (spoiler alert: He isn’t) and he gets a very small taste of what his future’s about to look like when he volunteers to babysit 2 year-old Olivia. She’s a handful, but she proves to be a very valuable test audience when the company is challenged by Colgate to create something in honor of Earth Day. It’s up to project manager Andrew to keep Stephen and Rick on budget and on schedule as they determine how to take oral care products and turn them into a playground.

Photo Credit: Jason DeCrow/Pivot
Photo Credit: Jason DeCrow/Pivot

3 Teases from “Kid N’Playground”

  • Do you know when Earth Day is (without looking)? You may or may not have that in common with some of the TerraCycle employees
  • “Efficiency” should be someone’s middle name, but it’s actually “Paul”
  • Free Range Parenting

Exclusive Clip:

Human Resources airs Fridays at 10/9c on Pivot.

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