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Ties That Bind Preview: “A Fresh Start” 

Photo Credit: UP Television
Photo Credit: UP Television

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

UP Television hit on something with their new drama series, Ties That Bind. Over 1 million viewers caught the show’s premiere last Wednesday. That’s awesome when it’s up against new programming on the major and cable networks.

On the next new episode, we spend time with Allison and Devin at work while the kids settle in at school and Matt holds the fort at home. We also meet Mariah and Cameron’s mom, who quickly makes it clear why they’re so mistrusting of their new arrangement–and why Mariah is interested in taking the opportunity to reinvent herself.

Here’s what to expect: Allison and Devin are called in to investigate the mysterious murder of the owner of a restaurant that hires ex-cons, one of whom Allison has helped in the past. Meanwhile, Mariah and Cameron try to find ways to fit in at their new school with some unwanted help from Jeff and Rachel.

It’s another solid episode as we meet one of Allison’s previous “rescues,” who she has to defend to Devin when he makes him a suspect–yet they still retain their respectful partnership. I also love that Matt and Allison are adorably affectionate with each other in plain view of their kids (and all the kids at their school).

Here are a couple of sneak peeks of “A Fresh Start,” which airs at 9/8c Wednesday night on UP Television, a preview of what to expect this season, and a behind the scenes interview with the kids.

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