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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: The Master Chooses Door Number Two, The Strain “Identity” 

Photo Credit: Robert Sebree/FX
Photo Credit: Robert Sebree/FX

Not gonna lie. I cackled out loud in the last minutes when The Master gave Eichorst the mother of all NOPE, instead choosing Bolivar to be his new vessel.

The burn alone was priceless, but the outright hissyfit that Eichorn unleashes afterward was genius. And then he sort of puts that down for a moment to grieve and weep over the body of the only Master he’s ever known, until the new improved Master demands he kneel before Zod like a good little lap dog. And he does.

I wondered a few weeks ago what was up with Eichorst essentially trying on the casket and telling Bolivar what it meant, and then not letting him touch it. And earlier tonight, he was basically telling Palmer to mind his place when Palmer was being assertive about what he was due.

I wonder if Palmer will be just a scoche less deferential knowing that Eichorst was passed over. And with nobody really knowing that has Bolivar turned (i.e. Zach’s still listening to his music, so I’m assuming that’s true), it puts the Master in a very tantalizing new skin for proselytising.

And if so, I’m not sure a former Nazi commandant is really still a appropriate right hand man. Eichorst swears his fealty, but I’m thinking he needs to take a look at the fine print on exactly what the new work arrangement is.

Runner up MOG goes to Nora surviving the Worst. Babysitting. Job. Ever. when she and Zach are ambushed in the church. Loved Reggie (RIP), Setrakian, and Fet storming in, guns blazing. But seriously–once they’d locked Kelly and the Skitters in the daycare, why didn’t Nora and Zach haul ass back to the police cruiser–or jump up front and drive away vs. running into the church?

The Strain airs Sundays at 10/9c on FX

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