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Deutschland83 Preview: “Bold Guard” 

Photo Credit: Conny Klein/Sundance TV
Photo Credit: Conny Klein/Sundance TV

Well that escalated quickly. Kramer’s dead, Stepanow’s on the horn to Moscow detailing the West’s plan to strike first after reading the doctored  NATO report and Alex’s “mysterious illness” might turn out to be real, if Tischbier is a carrier. Although Martin seems excited about impending fatherhood and determined to do the right thing by his kid and by Annett, he’s manipulated into going back to West Germany. Once there, he helps Alex get out of his predicament with General Jackson and quickly falls back into things with Yvonne.

“Bold Guard” synopsis, from Sundance TV:

As preparations for NATO’s nuclear war game named “Able Archer” intensify, Martin receives an order from East Germany that cements his fears about the East’s paranoia. He has to warn his Western superiors about the misunderstanding. But how? Finally he has no choice but to blow his own cover – to Edel himself. As a guise to threaten Martin, Tischbier joins a student demonstration and encounters Alex, for whom he has bad news. Finally, Martin races to the border, chased by the West German authorities – ironically, the only man in West Germany who’s trying to escape from the West into the East.

Deutschland 83 airs Wednesdays at 11/10c on Sundance TV.

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